Management analytics that work

Say No To Spreadsheets, integrated reporting for user activity, forecasting, commissions order details and sales commissions.

SalesChain offers many comprehensive reports to deliver a complete and accurate view over your sales, assets, leases and customer. Reduce your time wasted on spreadsheets, forget about the headaches from the long nights sorting through endless spreadsheets. SalesChain comes equiped with We offer industry specific tools and reports that you wish you had today including:

  • Advanced Forecasting
  • Sales Rep Commissions System
  • Sales Rep Activity Reports
  • Lead Disposition Reports
  • Lease Termination
  • Competitor Equipment Lease Termination
  • Lease Detail Report
  • Custom Report Building
    ...and more

SalesChain Example Reports

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SalesChain Lead Disposition Report
Lead Disposition Report

Where are my leads coming from?
Which ones are generating revenue?

SalesChain Sales Funnel Report
SalesChain Funnel Report

What are my reps projecting for close 30/60/90 days out?
What products are they proposing?