SalesChain Delivery Desk Automation

Streamline and reduce processing time by 50%

Getting the job done right the first time is crucial to profitability and the overall customer satisfaction. Consumers today are more demanding and provide no room for error with competitors just waiting for an opportunity to displace your equipment.

The Delivery Desk is an automated workflow process designed to coordinate the delivery and setup process while reducing errors in communication. The Delivery Desk provides a seamless handoff of information from sales to back office, warehouse, delivery and integrations personnel. Activities associated to fulfilling an order are tracked and notifications are sent to the people responsible for each task.

SalesChain Delivery Desk Automation

Detailed instructions for delivery including connectivity details are entered by the sales rep as they create the order. Once a deal is booked by your back office, the Delivery Desk™ automated workflow is initiated.

Sales representatives are notified when a deal is booked and at various junctures in the delivery process.

Warehouse personnel is notified that an order has been booked and a pick list is generated and included identifying all the equipment and accessories associated to the order.

Connectivity instructions are provided to the supporting integration specialists ensuring that network services are setup to specification.

The Delivery Desk™ will help your people to minimize errors in the chain of fulfillment. Customer assurance and satisfaction is more important than ever.