Manufacturer Information At Your Disposal

Manufacturers produce voluminous quantities of marketing materials, including catalogs, for business machines.   Dealers for these products face the challenge of collating this information in a cohesive and readily accessible form for their sales representatives.  Let SalesChain do that work for your company and save countless man hours, as well as the need for dedicated employees to source this data!  Our master catalog can be tailored to the manufacturers your company represents, with the specification metrics your sales team needs to have on hand, all without time-wasting manual data entry.  Managing catalogs is much easier with SalesChain…we do it for you! 

Our catalog provides a comprehensive database of office machine products along with all the associated accessories for over forty major manufacturers, including Canon, HP, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Lanier, Lexmark, Sharp, Ricoh, Savin, Toshiba and Xerox.  This database is continuously updated and maintained and includes the latest models, as well as machines that are still available for sale as refurbished units or off-lease options.

How Does It Work?

Browse Our Catalog of Machines and Add Them To Your Order

When a rep begins to price a deal in it’s proposal stages, they’re given full access to our catalog to search for machines and add them to the order that they’re pricing. Searchability, images, and machine descriptions help to ensure the best solution for the customer.

Configure Accessory Bundles With Optional Upgrades

As the rep adds machines to their proposal or order, they are given the ability to add accessories to the machine to create a bundle. Optional accessories can be added at this phase to be presented as upgrades on the final proposal.

Price The Deal And Generate Documents

Since the SalesChain catalog contains complete and accurate pricing information, as well as manufacturer credits and service pricing, the rep can immediately begin pricing service and leasing payments as soon as the machines are added to the deal.

For each machine, our data store includes: 

  • Manufacturer model number 
  • A general description and a bulleted list of cogent features 
  • Technical specifications, such as printing speed and base engine dimensions 
  • Links to manufacturer brochures online 
  • All associated accessories and items 
  • Special and manufacturer credits 
  • Accurate pricing 
  • Links to high quality photographs of the equipment 

Documentation That Closes Deals

Document generation occurs at all phases of a sale, and better catalog content means better documents!  SalesChain software produces multi-page, customized sales proposal packets in just a few minutes.  These include a cover sheet, an “about us” page to educate your client regarding additional product offerings, data sheets comparing marketing data for multiple machine options, and finally, solutions sheets, detailing different pricing and financing options for different product combinations, leasing options, cash buyout values, and service costs. Once a sale is secured, sales representatives can also easily generate lease documents, which pass proper serial and model numbers on to the finance companies, fulfillment documents that reflect accurate product configurations, and delivery (pick-up and move) documents.  The entire sales process is done quickly with automated, electronic documentation that circumvents the errors inherent in manual data entry. 

Mobility Drives Sales

With the SalesChain mobile application, this powerful catalog tool is available 24/7 on any device with internet connectivity.  Sales representatives have access to a central database of machines without managing separate, cumbersome catalogs from their own computers.  They can more easily price deals with complex configurations or multiple machines.  They can quickly generate attractive, professional sales proposals that are consistent, organized, and contain all the important metrics.  The fulfillment staff can obtain precise and accurate equipment information with this tool, engendering trust in the fulfillment process and eliminating redundant, time-wasting price validation.  Managers will certainly be pleased with the time savings and improved productivity of their staff! 

Updated Information Keeps You On Top

New business machines enter the market all the time, and with technology advancements, older ones quickly become obsolete.  Consistent and accurate catalog maintenance is a must.  SalesChain has a dedicated catalog marketing and maintenance team to do all of that for your company!  We handle new product input from manufacturer literature, using it to creating a concise and complete clearinghouse of vital machine specifications and pricing.  Catalog entries are proofed for accuracy and updated any time your company provides information you would like to see included.  Having a complete and accurate catalog then allows your company to publish pricing with promotions and securitized levels, all to empower your sales team.  A subscription to SalesChain is a worthwhile investment for your company, and will increase the productivity of your staff, from sales all the way up to management.  Contact us today for a demonstration!