SalesChain Advanced Integrated Solutions

SalesChain gives your sales reps the competitive advantage with access to EDA Data from SalesChain

Know who, when and where to call to displace your competition.

  • EDA data imported directly into SalesChain
  • One click integration to EDA Data through SalesChain
  • Accounts created with complete lease data from EDA
  • Track EDA Data and implement strategic sales calls
  • Receive Automate Workflow Alerts on EDA data UCC filings
  • Maximize the value and structure of EDA data

A one page summary has been prepared as a .PDF file for more information regarding our integration to EDA Data.

Download your copy now

In addition to our PDF summary, EDA Data has performed a case study on the value of the integration between SalesChain and EDA Data. The case study is in PDF. format Please click the link below to review the document.

click here to review the EDA Data integration to mySalesChain

SalesChain and LMI deliver best in class integrated TCO and MPS tools within mySalesChain

Together SalesChain and LMI Solutions Deliver Best in Class TCO and MPS Pricing, Analytics and Fulfillment Tools.

Key Features of our Exclusive Integration Include:

  • Leverage existing CRM and Customer Information
  • Single sign on integration via SalesChain
  • Company and contact data from SalesChain is passed to LMI avoiding duplicate data entry
  • LMI proposal details create leads for sales reps within accounts, ensuring complete and accurate forecasting

We have provided a .PDF for your review into our solution to selling bundled solutions using our one-click integration to LMI Solutions TCO/MPS pricing, analytics and fulfillment tools.

Download the PDF for more information on the integration between LMI Solutions TCO and MPS tool within SalesChain

To Learn more please contact us today to schedule a demonstration with one of our product and integration specialists.