How We Help You Sell IT Services

Providing Integrated Solutions to Maximize Your Revenue at Every Opportunity

Know Who You’re Selling To

To sell more IT services, you first have to know who you’re selling to. People with a history of buying IT products and actually paying for services are going to be your most valuable prospects. Our Profile Targeting and Segmentation tools give you detailed reports on your clients and prospects including what products they have in place, what they pay for, and what communications they have responded to. With Real-time integration to HubSpot – SalesChain is also capable of importing all of your qualified leads to make sure that your communications are reaching the right clients.

Measure Sales Activity

Having a plan is one thing. Being able to measure it at every step of the process is another. SalesChain provides comprehensive analytics that measure your

  • Sales Rep Achievement
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales revenue achievement
  • Commission earnings
  • Earnings and Profitability

Next, you have to understand what methods, and what reps are succeeding in producing results. Our category-based forecasting provides clear visibility into the sales pipeline.

Presentation is Everything

Much like first impressions are everything in an interview, the feeling your proposal documents give to your clients serves to make a lasting impression. Our Proposal Wizard lets you build comprehensive proposal documents with intelligent pricing. With Blended service pricing, SalesChain allows you to seamlessly integrate IT service pricing with the costs of your existing capitol equipment sales. With these tools, you can maximize your profit across all sectors AND give your client only one bill.

Motivate Your Reps

Of course, none of this happens if you don’t motivate your reps to to sell IT services. Compensation drives sales action. Drive results with focused commission programs that are tied directly to sales results. Customize reward tiers at the dealer level, and plot individual rep’s performance with Key Performance Indicators on the new sales scorecard.