Why Manage Your Lease Portfolio?

In capitol equipment sales, it’s safe to say that 90% of deals made between dealers and clients will be financed. This gives your company a base of existing customers with whom structured deals are in place. More than likely, these deals will be on a 3-5 year term, and at the end of that term you’ll need to be renewing that lease. If possible, it’s prudent to upgrade that deal to something more profitable for you, and offers more utility for them

Financing helps the dealer by increasing the purchasing power of your customers – and also provides a competitive advantage to you to control the repeat selling cycle to your customers. You help the short game by giving your customer a financially feasible option. You work towards long term growth for your business by insuring the repeat business through the cyclical nature of this selling cycle.

To use an old cliché: it’s always easier to keep a repeat customer than to go and find new business.

Turning Sales People Into Account Managers.

SalesChain’s system is equipped with a comprehensive Lease Portfolio Management utility which is integrated into all aspects of our system. This gives all users the information they need to service their accounts in a organized and timely manner.

SalesChain is capable of pulling all of your leases from every leasing partner and import them into our database, matching them to the e-Automate customers and machines so as to provide the most comprehensive view of the account in our Lease Desk. To parse down this wide breadth of information, our Advanced Search feature lets you search for specific parameters within this portfolio. For example: Leases which are coming to expire within the next 6 months but haven’t had any action taken on them in the last 80 days.

To help keep a tight schedule, our workflow automation system allows your sales team to create customize workflow notifications that include timed emails to assigned rep, automatically create Leads that will appear in the forecasting screens, folllow-up notifications to reps at 12 and 6 months before a lease expires, and manager notifications if follow-ups are past due. These notifications are fully customizable at the dealer level as well.

Integration Across Our System and Your Business.

And what makes up most of this recurring income? Service. The service pricing module within SalesChain is literally valuable because it helps dealers lock in and control a consistent revenue stream. And what you want to do is repeat that over and over again. You can only repeat that service business if you renew that lease. By effectively using leasing to control the customer you ensure the continuation of the selling cycle which enables your recurring revenue. Simply put you’re making money.