SalesChain News and Events

SalesChain releases comprehensive integration with Hubspot with ROI Dashboard

Bi-Directional integration with Hubspot ensures marketing and sales are working together. SalesChain's integration provides automated lead hand off to sales and complete ROI Dashboarding metrics.

Blue Technologies chooses SalesChain and e-Automate to Power its Business into the Future

Together SalesChain and e-Automate are the most powerful solution for Office Technology companies.

SalesChain releases new Document Scanning Workflow Solution

Fully integrated with SalesChain's Order Pricing and Delivery Workflow Automation system, our new Document Management component allows you to price and organize the fulfillment process for Digital Scanning.

SalesChain releases new Sales Manager Rollup Commission functionality

Quickly and easily pay manager commissions based on the "roll up" sucess of teams and branches.