Deal Pricing and Proposal System

SalesChain Deal Pricing
Generate proposals and orders easily direct to documents for fast, effective workflow and delivery

Replace manual, error prone, orders and proposals that could be out of date the minute you publish them.

SalesChain's Deal Pricing and Proposal System is designed to eliminate errors and to help you to better manage sales opportunities.

More then 25% of deals priced by sales reps have some form of an error:

  • Simple arithmetic
  • Wrong configuration
  • Missing required parts or supplies
  • Incorrect or missing promotions

Import your catalog and product pricing

Accurate products, accessories and pricing without the headache. SalesChain's Admin-On-Demand service will help you to eliminate errors in pricing and configuration.

  • Import spreadsheets
  • Accurate product pricing and optional products
  • Eliminate errors with product availability
  • Promotional pricing programs
  • Splits, spiffs and more
  • Manufacturer incentives

Designed for Copier sales and service

The leading copier dealers in the United States and Canada have chosen SalesChain as their solution for business management software. Here are just a few reasons why

  • Configure deals and proposals with equipment, accessories and pricing from your catalog
  • “Visibly” integrate promotions and bundle pricing
  • “What If” scenario pricing helps reps maximize profitability
  • Click and produce documents consistently and accuratley
  • Commissions are visible to the rep
  • Split deals across departments