SalesChain continues to demonstrate its commitment to the office technology channel by providing significant investments in features and resources to support the needs of dealers and vendor partners.  Realizing the challenges facing dealers, such as Shrinking Margins and the need to develop Additional Revenue Sources, SalesChain is doubling down with purpose-built solutions and support that help dealers reduce costs and increase profits by providing:

  • Used Equipment selling solutions
  • Integrations with Leasing Companies
  • Expanded integration to EAutomate
  • Delivery Workflow Automation and Facilitation
  • Integrations with Hubspot and Evolved Office marketing tools
  • Dedicated tools for AV, Security, Water, Mail, and more

While other software companies are de-emphasizing office technology or outright leaving the industry, SalesChain believes the channel is strong and has lasting opportunities for growth.

One System for Dealers in Imaging and IT

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Understanding Industry Challenges

Dealers in the Office Technology sector face numerous challenges, most notably, shrinking profit margins and the necessity to develop additional revenue sources. These pressures demand innovative solutions that not only help reduce costs but also open up new revenue streams. SalesChain’s strategic investments are targeted precisely at addressing these issues, ensuring that dealers can maintain and enhance their competitive edge.

Streamlining Operations with Leasing Company Integrations

SalesChain has created integrations with financial service companies that eliminate multiple manual steps in the deal pricing and fulfillment process, including:

  • The ability to submit credit applications to finance companies directly within SalesChain and receive decisions electronically, thus eliminating manual processes.
  • The ability to request buyout and upgrade quotes directly within the SalesChain deal pricing system, thus eliminating manual processes.
  • The ability to view customer invoices directly from within SalesChain for US Bank, Canon Financial Services, and Great America Leasing.

Empowering Dealers with Used Equipment Selling Solutions

Selling used equipment can be incredibly profitable for dealers, but managing inventory lists and pricing for sales reps can be difficult. Saleschain has made this easy by directly integrating with eAutomate inventory and providing lookup lists directly in the proposal and order pricing tool. This allows reps to sell new and used equipment together in an efficient way.

Enhancing Productivity with eAutomate Integration

SalesChain’s platform now includes a greatly  expanded integration with eAutomate. This integration ensures a smoother, more efficient workflow by automating various operational tasks. Dealers benefit from increased productivity and reduced errors, enabling them to deliver better service to their customers.

Rethinking Delivery Workflow Automation

In today’s fast-paced market, timely and efficient delivery is crucial. SalesChain’s delivery workflow automation tools are designed to facilitate and streamline the delivery process. By automating key aspects of delivery, dealers can ensure timely fulfillment, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs. This feature is particularly beneficial in managing complex delivery schedules and handling high volumes of orders.

Leveraging Advanced Marketing Tools

Effective marketing is essential for growth in the competitive office technology sector. SalesChain has integrated its platform with HubSpot and Evolved Office marketing tools, providing dealers with advanced capabilities for lead generation, customer engagement, and performance analytics. These integrations enable dealers to create targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns that drive sales and build stronger customer relationships.

Specialized Tools for Diverse Needs

SalesChain recognizes that the office technology channel encompasses a wide range of specialties. To support this diversity, the platform offers dedicated tools for AV, security, water, mail, and more. These specialized tools ensure that dealers have the precise functionalities they need to excel in their specific areas of expertise. By catering to the unique requirements of different segments, SalesChain helps dealers deliver superior value to their customers.

A Strong Belief in the Future of Office Technology

While some software companies are de-emphasizing or exiting the office technology sector, SalesChain remains steadfast in its commitment. The company’s investments and innovations reflect a deep belief in the channel’s potential for lasting growth. SalesChain sees significant opportunities for dealers and vendor partners to thrive, provided they have the right tools and support.

SalesChain’s unwavering dedication to the office technology channel is clear in its strategic investments and solutions. By addressing the key challenges faced by dealers and providing purpose-built tools, SalesChain is enabling its partners to reduce costs, increase profits, and capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

As the office technology industry continues to evolve, SalesChain’s robust platform and comprehensive support will be instrumental in driving success and growth for dealers and vendor partners. With a clear vision for the future and a commitment to excellence, SalesChain is poised to lead the office technology sector into a new era of prosperity.