New >> View Great America & Canon Financial Services Invoicing

Reps and leasing coordinators can now view invoices from GreatAmerica Financial Services and Canon Financial Services directly within the system. This process, previously manual, is now streamlined and accessible by clicking the “FCO Invoices” icon on the Customer Profile page. Authorized users can now see a listing of customer leases, with finance company invoices accessible by clicking the blue lease contract numbers.

Note: This feature requires authorization from the relevant finance company and configuration by the SC Support team.

New >> Commissions Summary Report

A new commissions summary report provides a comprehensive “owners perspective” listing of commissions paid to sales representatives, grouped by sales manager. This report, created with our new reporting utility, is accessible to secured users on the Commission Reconciliation form.

Significant Updates >> Credit Application Workflow

For special cases, such as municipal tax exemptions or complex taxing jurisdictions, credit analysts can now override API automation and submit lease credit applications via email to a special group within the finance company. This ensures that special request applications are still managed through the SalesChain Credit Desk utility, maintaining workflow efficiency and tracking.

Significant Updates >> IT Products & Etilize Searching

We worked with our users to configure a set of tools to make the Etilize database easier, faster, and more useful.

Enhancements to the IT Products & Etilize catalog search tools include:

  • A new search feature at the top of the column, with the removal of filtering criteria on the left, providing more room for search results and better search control.
  • An optional display for the images column to speed up and simplify the user experience.
  • A “Save View” feature allowing dealers to save and share common search criteria across the sales team.
  • Improved IT Products maintenance form to prevent duplicate entries with the same MFG/MFGItemNbr combination.


Other Enhancements in this Update

Software as a Service (SaaS)

 To better measure sales, a breakout measurement of SaaS has been added to the Bundled Forecast form. Identifying products as SaaS is now simpler with the addition of an “Is SaaS” indicator to the MS Services Product record.

Bundled Forecasting 

Enhancements to the Bundled Forecasting tool allow users to selectively view relevant columns, improving usability for sales reps focusing on specific product combinations. This tool supports individual product and service sales and helps managers measure cross-selling success.

For example, in many dealers, specific reps sell AV and Security products, while others sell Copiers or IT Solutions. For this reason, we enhanced the Bundled Forecasting tool to allow users to selectively view columns that are displayed and exclude columns not relevant to them.

New >> Service Pricing Geographical Zones

Many of you have asked us to add a feature that will allow for the adjustment of service rates for a machine based on the geographical distance from the office. We added a new feature which allows users to adjust base service pricing based on geographical zones. Administrators can configure specific zone values and adjustment factors to meet dealership needs.

Naming Opportunities

Users can now name their opportunities. The name is promptly displayed on the Customer Profile page and in the Proposal and Order Pricing system. 

EAutomate Sales Order Create

SalesChain now uses the eAutomate catalog model and description details when pushing products into eAutomate. Traditionally, SalesChain used the model and descriptions from the SalesChain Master Catalog. This feature allows dealers to configure their own naming conventions.


Fixes and Tweaks

  • Import Quotes from Ingram Micro- Fixed an issue with the import process that caused some quotes to be imported improperly.