Significant Enhancements >> Zoom Phone Integration

A comprehensive integration with Zoom Phone now allows users to auto-dial telephone numbers with a single click. This integration captures call duration and automatically opens a note for users to enter details.

eAutomate – Dynamic Views

We’ve added a feature that allows the definition and execution of custom queries, which can be viewed with a click of a button. This feature is similar to the “Quick Search” function but is placed on specific forms for more tailored data access.

Significant Enhancements >> AV & Security Forecast Profile and Pricing Tool

To support dealers expanding into AV and Security products, we’ve created dedicated profiling and pricing utilities. Features include:

  • Opportunity profiling with a dedicated profile pane on the bundled lead form.
    • Dedicated contact list and stages.
    • Note entry and tracking for each opportunity.
    • Full integration to ConnectWise Ticket Requests for IT support workflows.
  • Pricing tools for selecting and building product bundles from existing IT Product catalogs through Etilize and distributor integrations.
  • Revenue and GP tracking in AV and Security buckets.

Other Enhancements in this Update

eAutomate – Sales Order Integration

  • Automated Sales Order Status: Sales order status and detail status are now evaluated and set based on product availability.
  • Customer Level Presets: When pushing orders, settings for Tax Code, Territory Code, On Hold Code, Term Code, Shipping Method, and Branch Code are preset based on the eAutomate Customer Profile.

Re-Leasing Equipment

We’ve added a new function allowing users to easily select existing machines within a customer and add them to orders “re-leasing.”

ConnectWise Integration – Managing Duplicate Data

To address duplicate contact creation in ConnectWise, secured users can now clear and reestablish associations of records.

Credit Pre-Approval – Workflow Enhancements

We’ve enhanced functionality to better integrate the pre-approval process with overall dealer processes. New properties include a preapproval indicator on the open lead count and displaying the preapproval lead on the open leads when creating a new OBD.

Significant Enhancements >> Credit Decisions – Workflow Enhancements

As we expand our integrations with financial service companies, there is an ever-growing need to improve communication throughout the system. With this release, we have added several properties to the Credit Desk and Credit Decision pages:

  • Label “PreApproval” for credit requests.
  • Display of the requested amount of funding.
  • Method of credit application submission (API or email).
  • Reference to the API Transaction Log for transactions processed via API integration.

Delivery Workflow – Customer Training Requirements

Added the property “Is Training Required?” to the delivery job form to highlight the need for customer training. This can be merged onto documents to communicate customer needs effectively.

Proposal & Order Notes Entry

A new note entry feature has been added to the proposal and order form, allowing users to enter free-form notes that can be viewed in chronological order on the General pane.

HubSpot Integration

To prevent excessive activity from being pushed into SalesChain from HubSpot, we’ve added a “Sanity Limit.” If the number of leads exceeds a specified limit (e.g., 100 in a day), the integration will stop and notify the Marketing Manager for verification.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue where service line assignment to groups was not cleared properly when the group was removed.
  • Fixed an issue with workflow emails for used equipment notifications not sending correctly.
  • Expanded the Clone feature on the user profile to include more fields to be cleared out.
  • Fixed an issue with the Commission Exclusion logic where certain spiff exclusions were being duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue where activity records were not reassigned when customer records are merged.