Significant Upgrades >> ConnectWise Integration

We have completely recreated our integration to ConnectWise Manage to improve the user experience and provide bi-directional data sharing for customer, contact, catalog items, and order integration. These enhancements provide users the ability to better “cross pollinate” data across systems with real-time accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.

  • Updated interface flow to provide more consistent flow and messaging for users.
  • Enhanced 2-way data synchronization by allowing users to search CW content directly and easily to ensure accuracy of data integration.
  • Expanded ability to push customers as sites.

Significant Upgrades >> HubSpot Integration

  • We updated the user interface to make the integration more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Real time data synchronization is now possible through our new integration with HubSpot’s Webhook API.
  • This upgraded integration brings improved flexibility, speed, and error handling.
  • We added the flexibility to customize customer and contact views for sales reps to better facilitate data-usage.
  • We GREATLY enhanced the workflow to ensure events triggering the “SalesChain Qualified Lead” are processed efficiently. We also added a “Safety Check” to limit the number of leads that are created erroneously.  We are finding that dealers’ marketing teams are using other systems such as Zoom Info to trigger events and in some cases, these triggers may create unexpected results (ie: an excessive number of notifications).
  • This improved integration more effectively integrates marketing and sales together.

NEW>> Stack Ranking Charts

Our new stack ranking charts provide immediate visual insights into sales performance, fostering a competitive, results-driven environment. By presenting sales rep revenue and gross profit rankings graphically or in table form, teams can quickly assess their performance relative to peers, setting the stage for healthy competition and goal-oriented focus.

Significant Upgrades >> Commissions Module

We’ve expanded the Commissions Module to further support the selling goals of our dealers which unanimously include “growing net new customers”.   Here are the specifics of these changes:

  • Expanded the sales rep quota profiling to include targets for Net New Business Revenue, Net New Business Gross Profit, Monthly Recurring Revenue and Monthly Recurring Gross Profit to allow dealers to track sales achievement more precisely.
  • Pay roll up commissions on all businesses. Now, a manager can be paid on all businesses owned if you own multiple businesses.
  • Added the ability to finitely exclude earnings components from commission escalations. This includes individual spiffs, placement bonus, service commissions and secondary roles.

Significant Upgrades >> SalesChain Mobile

We modified the SC Mobile tool to include additional functionality that empowers your sales team to secure opportunities on the go.  These changes include:

  • We added the ability to submit credit preapproval requests.
  • We are now excluding contacts marked “No Longer With Company” from the contact listings.
  • We fixed an issue where a blank note was being saved when a customer was edited by a user.

Other Enhancements in this Update

Contact Icons

  • Improved the communicative presentation of HubSpot, ConnectWise and Evolved Office indications on the company and contact lists. Contacts active in HubSpot, ConnectWise, or Evolved Office are now displayed with a corresponding icon next to the contact.

Sales Activity Tracking

  • We added logic to our eAutomate integration to identify customer profile and sales rep activity more clearly.

Lease Administration Log Utility

  • Greatly enhanced the lease integration administration log utility to view data cross referencing errors more clearly. This helps administrators to present lease portfolios in a more accurate way.
  • We also added a feature to allow admin users to create a lease within SC for a mismatched record.

Task Actions

  • Added the ability to attach files to task actions. Now when a user performs a task that includes other forms of documentation, these documents can be easily attached and stored within the SC document library.  Attachments can be viewed within the Customer history listing.

Used Equipment

  • Making this utility flexible is key to your success. We added profile criteria representing EAutomate Equipment Conditions to the system parameters to allow dealers to customize the selection of used equipment.
  • We also added a feature that allows dealers to cost used equipment based on category to simplify the management of rep costing.


  • We added the ability to attach multiple files at one time to the messaging system. This will simplify and speed up data entry.

Credit Preapprovals

  • We added the ability for users to create more than one preapproval for an account at a single time. This feature will greatly enhance sales reps supporting larger accounts where multiple opportunities exist at a single time.

eAutomate Sales Order Push

  • We improved the messaging process when communicating with users.


  • Added additional date selection ranges to the Forecast, Forecast by Status, and Forecast Bundled IT forms.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • We added a “data type” validation method to the quick search utility to avoid errors caused by searching number fields with alpha characters.
  • Expanded the CW integration to include more detailed customer profiling.
  • Fixed an issue with the CW Order integration causing the wrong contact to be associated with the order.
  • Improved the speed of the Delivery Desk search utility.
  • Repaired Messaging system email to address uncertain target user.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed customers to be at-will associated more than one time to another customer.
  • Fixed a formatting issue with the user profile edit form.
  • We added the ability for users to remove a saved picture from their profile, reverting to a blank image if desired.
  • Fixed an issue on the Task Viewer form that was caused by searching with a single quote character.
  • Fixed an issue with the Forecast 30-60-90 and Pipeline Tracking when downloading files that are sorted by Customer Class, Probability of Close, or Date Closed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Order Desk where search with a single quote caused an error.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple sales rep assignments for a single sales rep assignment category existed causing the Account list form advance search to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where certain lease customer associations would not change when eAutomate synchronization determined a change was needed.
  • Fixed an issue with the eAutomate Sales Order push that caused the order push to fail if a sales rep was not assigned a territory within SC.