One Solution for Imaging and IT

SalesChain boasts a comprehensive integration to ConnectWise Manage, which expands upon and strengthens the existing integration to e-Automate and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.  Within the SalesChain platform, dealers can easily synchronize customer records across e-Automate, ConnectWise, and the SalesChain CRM when they close a deal.  That record is automatically checked for validity and de-duplicated.

Automation = Growth

Intelligent automation solutions can help transform a company’s operational processes, such as automating the infrastructure, integrating service management with other systems, and ensuring security compliance to create zero-touch service management capabilities. 79% of IT leaders said automating business and/or IT processes has increased in importance over the past six to 12 months.

Superior Mobility

As the digital office continues to rely on remote work and constant accessibility, cloud-based solutions are no longer a nicety, but a necessity. Whether you’re in the car checking your customer notes before a meeting, at the airport entering order information from your laptop, or working from your home office, SalesChain’s cloud-based platform has your back. Our system empowers mobile users across the US and Canada to maximize their productivity beyond the bounds of the office.

Support You Can Count On

In software, support is everything. Having downtime or being confused about your system causes frustration and delays. We aim to provide a quality system that is backed up by even better support. This has led SalesChain to have one of the highest recommendation rates in our field. Our user testimonials speak for themselves. Call our office during business hours at and you’re guaranteed to reach a SalesChain expert in the US who can answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

Case Study: Delivery Workflow Automation

In this video testimonial, Crystal Manning talks about how SalesChain’s delivery workflow management tools cut KDI’s DSO in half.

More Features For Less Money

SalesChain is capable of doing the work of 5 or more competitive software products, each of which requires additional management to populate information across different systems and is just as expensive as our solution alone. With Integrated commissions, delivery workflow automation, lease portfolio management, and business intelligence charting tools built in, businesses that switch to SalesChain see a consistent increase in productivity while reducing cost. Below, we’ve listed 4 systems SalesChain’s Platinum suite is capable of replacing.

Integrated Commissions Utility

In the world of sales, money is the ultimate motivator.  Knowing how much they are going to earn for each proposal is catalytic to your sales team’s success.  Avoid confusion, conflicts and time spent guessing. Our commission system allows you to easily manage commissions for every person and role played in winning sales, including:


Delivery Workflow Automation

SalesChain allows you to define customized workflows that best represent the working steps (or Nodes) needed to complete each type of product or service that your business offers. Fulfilling an order for 2 copiers involves different steps than say providing IT services for a law firm. Each step of the process may be defined with characteristics that include:

  • Sequence of work
  • Dependencies
  • Assignment of responsibility
  • Notifications of assignment and completion
  • Trigger dependent steps


Built-In Business Intelligence

Complete and accurate data presented in an easy-to-understand format becomes actionable data. Data that you can rely upon to detect problems and make sound decisions for your business. Charts in SalesChain’s Business Intelligence platform can be interacted with to help you make decisions faster. Click on metrics to drill down into other charts. Use our audit tool to view a detailed report of all of the information in the chart. Also, users are able to build custom dashboards with exactly the charts they want rather than being locked into standard information readouts.

Lease Portfolio Management Utility

Give all users the information they need to service their accounts in an organized and timely manner. SalesChain is capable of pulling all of your leases from every leasing partner and importing them into our database, matching them to the e-Automate customers and machines so as to provide the most comprehensive view of the account in our Lease Desk.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

Use the link below to schedule a discovery call for a demonstration of the SalesChain system. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and see if SalesChain is the right partner to help you grow your business.