The Ultimate Mobile Experience for Sales Reps

SalesChain Mobile lets you take your entire office wherever you go. With access to all of your data and SalesChain’s full functionality at your fingertips, your team will never miss an opportunity to sell! This tool is designed from the ground up for the office technology sales rep, with key usability principles being speed, simplicity, and functionality.  Mobility is key to the successful empowerment of the digital workforce.  This new mobile experience is a tool that empowers the sales rep to take action!

Google Mapping API

Whether you’re planning a trip or actively visiting a client, simply tap on the mapping tool to view all of your customers and prospects in the area on an interactive and familiar Google Map. Customers are marked with green pins, and prospects are marked with red pins. This mapping function is fully integrated with the Advanced Search functionality, allowing the sales rep user to take their results and plot them on the map. For example, you might search for all of the prospects that have a certain competitor’s equipment at a location near you.

Catalog Lookup

We created a simple tool to view and search within SalesChain’s extensive and complete product catalog so that you can easily reference machine information on the go. The catalog search tool allows you to quickly look up products and view product speed, pricing, and any associated accessories. Particularly useful in the heat of a sale.

Competitive Equipment Tracking

In SalesChain’s mobile platform, you can search to find competitor equipment placements with capabilities to search by competitive vendor, competitor’s MFG, and competitive lease expiration dates. Through our integration with EDA Data, you can enhance your marketing intelligence with qualified lead information. A streamlined competitor equipment entry module makes adding competitor’s equipment quicker and utilizes SalesChain’s product catalog, making the selection process easy and making your data more accurate.

See Our Platform In Action

View a Comprehensive Walkthrough of SalesChain’s Mobile Platform Here

Accounts and Leads

The mobile accounts screen is more powerful than ever, allowing reps and delivery personnel access to all of your customer and prospect accounts. A user can tap an account to view details including:

  • Contacts With Tap-To-Dial Phone Numbers
  • Strategy and Leads
  • User activity and to-do’s
  • Competitor Equipment History

With the accounts screen, a user can easily create appointments, tasks, notes with talk-to-text dictation, and competitor equipment profiles while on the go.

Business Intelligence Charting

Visualize your success and activity on the go using SalesChain’s Business intelligence charting tools.  Swipe left or right to view charts and use the filtering tools to adjust criteria for content.  Some of the charts that are included are the top 5 opportunities chart, the sales achievement gauge, top 10 untouched customers, forecasted leads in the status funnel, and the stack ranking chart for top-performing sales reps.

Lease Portfolio Management

Search your entire lease portfolio synced with e-Automate right inside of SalesChain’s mobile platform. A better search engine for your leases means you find exactly the accounts you need to take action on. Our superior search engine lets you find customer leases that are coming due in the next 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Combine your search with other criteria such as “last activity occurred more than 3 months ago” to show leases coming due that haven’t been touched to prioritize your action. Each Lease summary includes the finance company, lease number, and term date. The summary view includes all the details you need to avoid unnecessary taps in the navigation

View Service & Asset Details

In SalesChain’s mobile app, you can prepare for meetings with customers and clients with readily available asset information including machines in-field (MIF) lookup, meter statistics with intuitive, live updated charts, service contract details, service call history, lease payment, and expiration details and more.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

Use the link below to schedule a discovery call for a demonstration of the SalesChain system. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and see if SalesChain is the right partner to help you grow your business.