Featured Integrations:

Sync Schedules with Microsoft Outlook 365

Two-way integration with Microsoft outlook means when you schedule, edit, and cancel appointments in outlook which will automatically appear on your SalesChain calendar.

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Superior Two-Way integration to ECI e-Automate

Integration with e-Automate ensures consistency through your sales orders with active synchronization between e-Automate orders and SalesChain in real time. Any and all changes are tracked live to the other system.

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Get SalesChain Qualified Leads with HubSpot

Our two-way integration to HubSpot allows for the sales and marketing departments to work seamlessly together to effectively market, nurture and identify opportunities for sales.

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Sales & Marketing Integrations:

SalesChain and Microsoft Office 365 Integration
SalesChain Integration to Hubspot
SalesChain CRM Google Maps Integration

Operations Integrations:

SalesChain CRM CEO Juice Direct Integration
SalesChain CRM Office 365 Integration
SalesChain CRM FM Audit ECI Integration
SalesChain CRM Printfleet Print Fleet DCA Integration

Data Integrations:

SalesChain and InfoGroup Integration
SalesChain Integration to EDA Data

Leasing Integrations:

SalesChain and De Lage Landen DLL Integration
SalesChain and GreatAmerica Leasing
SalesChain and CIT
SalesChain and Leaf
SalesChain and Wells Fargo
SalesChain and US Bank
SalesChain and Canon Financial
SalesChain and Marlin

Catalog Integrations & Partners:

SalesChain and InfoGroup Integration
SalesChain Integration to Xerox

What Does Outlook 365 Integration Do?

SalesChain is proud to announce that our new Outlook 365 integration has been rolled out to our general user population. What does this integration do and how can you get it turned on for your organization?

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