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SalesChain is a suite of business workflow automation tools built for the office technology industry. Our system is capable of doing the work of 5 or more competitive solutions, each of which requires additional management to populate information across different systems and is just as expensive as our solution alone. With integrated commissions, delivery workflow automation, lease portfolio management, and business intelligence charting tools built-in, SalesChain has tools for every department in your business!

We Have Grown Over 20 Years of Partnership and Innovation

SalesChain is proud to be celebrating its 20th anniversary in the 2022 year.  We have a proven history of being proactive. By responding to the industry’s needs and creating tools to help dealers grow, expand and evolve, we have managed to stay on top. In other words, 20 years of partnership and innovation has brought us to where we are today.

We Are Purpose-Built for Office Equipment Dealers

You need tools that are purpose-built for your industry. SalesChain goes a step further than big-box CRM solutions to help drive your digital transformation with the perfect set of tools. Our system is deeply integrated with e-Automate, the industry’s ERP system of choice, and includes a lease portfolio management utility, which pulls information directly from your favorite leasing providers to make researching lease, contract and asset information easier than ever.

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“We looked at all the major CRM providers in our industry and there is no question we chose the right one.”

Tom Flesch CEO // Gordon Flesch Company

“The support team was there to show us how to organize everything… No dealing with automated answering systems, we can always talk to a person and get a clear answer.”

Donn O. Clarke Director of Sales // New England Copy Specialists

“Before we implemented SalesChain we were around 14 days between signing a deal and delivering and funding a machine. Now we’re around 7 days.”

Crystal Manning Vice President // Keystone Digital Imaging

One System for Dealers in Imaging and IT.

Watch this brief video to learn a bit about where our offering is headed in 2022!

One System, One Solution

Designed for office equipment dealers, our business automation solution is a comprehensive suite of tools for everyone to automate your business and synchronize your entire workforce.

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Cloud-Based Accessibility

Access your data 24/7, anywhere you can reach the internet. Our platform lets you access your data across all your devices and keeps your information safe and secure.

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Integrations That Matter

Upgrade your workflow with integrations to critical industry solutions that enhance your data. Our two-way integrations include Outlook 365, Hubspot and e-Automate.

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Proven Support and Training

Services including user Training, Data Cleansing and De-Duping, and Workflow Design catalyze a seamless transition into the system and organize data for better efficiency.

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SalesChain In Numbers


Reduction in time required to process commissions


Reduction in Days To Fund (DTF)


Replace 5 or more systems with SalesChain


Company growth in 2021


Access to your data with our cloud-based solution


Focused on the office technology industry

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

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