Purpose-Built for the Office Technology Industry

While boxed software is a perfectly viable solution for some business settings, companies often find themselves wishing for more power and flexibility from their technology. If you are an office technology dealer, SalesChain represents your number one choice. When your organization partners with an industry-specific software solution, you’re presented with a set of tools that is specific to the functions of your business. When there is a clear workflow, and clear utilities to perform that work, your organization can take advantage of that system much more effectively.

SalesChain CRM is made for the Office Technology Industry

Connect Your Sales and Back Office Staff

Many single function sales products are available on the market however they serve only one aspect of your business and must be combined to create a total solution.  This requires investment in multiple software packages, that may or may not be compatible.  A unified solution precludes the need for employees to learn, manage and manually collect data from disparate software systems.  SalesChain software combines CRM, business intelligence charting, document generation and delivery management all into one, easy-to-use solution.  It automatically centralizes data streams from sales, customer service and marketing and makes them easily accessible in a highly visible format through customizable dashboards.  Managers, sales representatives, customer service personnel and the marketing team are all on the same page because all aspects of the sales process can be seen by the entire workforce.

Communicate More Effectively

A viable CRM component aids sales representatives in quickly and accurately tracking both customers and prospects, leading to decreased time wasted on manual data entry and error correction, and more importantly, to increased sales!  CRM systems collate not only contact information, but communication records, calendars and schedules, sales and service records, competitor equipment records and much more, automatically and in real time.  The SalesChain software product is much more than a CRM system, but this represents the core of its sales functionality.

Cloud-Based Solution

Empower your digital and remote workforces with a single, uniform database.  A secure, online solution is available at any time on any mobile device.  All employees contribute to the same data repository, providing an accurate and collaborative database.  Duplicate information can be detected and eliminated, and information populated at different stages in the order process can be referenced all in one place.   Complete account information and history, including lease and asset information, is available on SalesChain’s mobile application, allowing sales representatives to make instantly accessible changes in the field.   More accurate data is possible, leading to higher quality reporting.  Sales representatives can reference their activity reports in the field.  Sales representatives, as well as back-office personnel, can reference the Machines in Field desk and the e-Automate book of business to glean insight into customer use cases through meter read information.  Management can reference user action counts and lead information to get a sense of how the sales department is doing in comparison to quotas.

Training Included

Employees can train with our support staff demonstrations, or at their convenience with our online video series.  Sales representatives may easily add new accounts and create contact information, add documents, and create proposals on the spot, all with the click of a button. Tasks can be created and assigned to anyone in the system, so the workflow is smooth, and the work gets done in a timely manner.  An additional advantage of SalesChain software is the ability to add competitive equipment records.  Our workflow engine can notify you when competitive leases are 6 months away from coming due, giving sales reps a heads up for contacting accounts before they need new equipment.  In addition, the e-Automate integration in our software allows employees to view existing assets, service contracts, and leases for their customers.  Service managers and technicians may also log customer activity into the same database.

Relevant Integrations

Companies that we choose to integrate with are hand-picked because of their relevance to the industry. Big-box software providers will likely focus on integrating to partners with the largest names or recognition,  rather than those that are most common to a niche user base. For example, SalesChain’s integration to ECI e-Automate, which allows salespeople to create sales orders in e-Auto with the push of a button rather than requiring that a staff member be allocated to writing this information. Industry-specific integrations allow industry-specific software providers to give users a superior experience for their day-to-day functions.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

Use the link below to schedule a discovery call for a demonstration of the SalesChain system. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and see if SalesChain is the right partner to help you grow your business.