Inquire Within: Senior Programmer

SalesChain is seeking a senior programmer that is ready to learn about our business and join our development team. Ideal candidates are self-motivated, comfortable taking control of projects and leading them on their own. This position will be heavily focused on the new development of data-intensive, web-based GUIs for transaction-focused applications.


SalesChain is a privately owned web-based, software as a service provider for office equipment dealers across the US and Canada. You will be working in a close-knit, fast-paced business environment with our development team in Waterbury, CT. 


We are seeking senior programmers who are proficient in the design and development of web-based software and services. Critical skills for these individuals include creative design, detailed programming, and hands-on knowledge of the full stack of technologies and utilities used within the MS .NET and SQL server environments. Our development team is instrumental in keeping our product on the cutting edge of business automation software, competing with the likes of Salesforce.

Programming Skills

  • NET Framework web programming using Telerik controls
  • Strong HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, and Ajax programming skills
  • Strong SQL Server Programming
  • iOS and Android Programming is favored

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Project Management Skills – The ability to conceptualize and outline problems then write detailed specifications is favored.
  • Creative design of new applications and integrations
  • Detailed programming and documentation

Demonstrable Experience In

  • Data-intensive GUI design and development
  • Designing and building transaction-based components and thin-client user interfaces
  • Creating and calling restful API’s
  • Issues and steps needed to manage life cycle transitioning of classic VB to .NET and beyond

Education & Requirements

  • High School diploma or GED Required
  • College Degree in computer science is favored
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office 365 including Outlook, Teams, and Excel
  • Strong leadership, teamwork, and communication skills


  • Medical benefits are available after 3 months
  • 401k benefits are available after 6 months
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Compensation: $65,000 – $120,000 annually depending on experience

 Application Instructions

  • Call our office at (203) 262-1611 during business hours, or email