About SalesChain:

Our Story

SalesChain is a software and services company founded in 2002.  We are proud to serve office technology resellers and manufacturers by providing purpose-built cloud-based technology solutions that provide business workflow automation.  Our company is based in Waterbury, Connecticut with our primary data center housed at Cyrus One Wappingers Falls, New York. We are proud to support dealers all across North America, with dealers in 46 states and 3 Canadian provinces.  The most telling fact that describes SalesChain, is that many of our customers like the Gordon Flesch Company have been with us for over 14 years!

Origin and Growth

In the beginning, our focus was to empower sales teams with information, organization, and automation with a specific focus on managing lease portfolio turns.  We’ve expanded our value proposition to include support for the entire office equipment enterprise including proposal pricing, documentation, order fulfillment workflow, service pricing, commissions, delivery workflow automation, and document management. Along with our expanded functionality, we’ve developed integrations with some of the industry’s most respected companies including a bi-directional integration to ECI’s e-Automate.

A Family-Owned Business

SalesChain is a family-owned business that believes in providing top-quality customer service and value for money. According to Forbes, one of the biggest advantages to working with a family business is that different ages offer unique perspectives. “Older generations possess the skill and insight that comes from lived experience,” says Jessica Thiefels, Next Avenue Contributor for Forbes, “while younger generations are often familiar with current trends in the marketplace.”

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About Who We Are and Our Mission

About Our Product:

Easy To Use

Information and opportunity are just a point and click away with SalesChain. The easy-to-use, intuitive design of SalesChain truly enables sales at the speed of thought. Account information, vital customer/equipment data, opportunity data mining, and reporting are a simple click away.

Web-Based Platform

Access our system 24/7, anywhere you can reach the internet. Whether you’re adding contacts from your customer’s office, looking over account details in the coffee shop, or processing orders in the office, our platform syncs your data across all your devices and keeps your information safe and secure.

Service and Support That Exceed Expectations

SalesChain’s support and operations teams go above and beyond to help your business succeed. Our onboarding team will clean and import your CRM, leasing, and lead data for you as part of the onboarding process. Continued support is available through our US-Based help desk. Our staff is focused on the office technology industry and is prepared to offer a unique degree of industry knowledge.

Replace 5 Or More Competitive Products

SalesChain incorporates 5 or more of our competitors’ tools into a single software. Our system goes way beyond a typical CRM service to offer fully immersive business automation and industry-specific support. Our platinum suite includes legal and marketing document generation, integrated commissions, and more.

How Can SalesChain Help You?

Tools for Business Owners

Dealer owners are empowered with superior reports, complete and timely data, and a single system that unites their workforce. Linking back-office processes with sales activities provides a true end-to-end view of your business. Real-time sales productivity reports are invaluable analytics for detecting trends and making decisions.

Tools for Sales Managers

Sales Managers are provided a superior knowledge base to help them lead their teams and take action. Management reports provide a real-time view into accounts being worked on, and what actions are being taken. Our multi-tiered assignment tool allows you to slice, dice, and layer territories based on your preferences.

Tools for Sales Reps

Sales reps can be more productive. No more searching 4 to 8 places for information about a customer; or calling the leasing companies for buyout quotes, pulling machine prices from a price book, or digging for product brochures. It’s all here in our total customer view and order breakdown.

Tools for Fulfillment Staff

SalesChain’s two-way integration with e-Automate automates every step of the order fulfillment workflow after a deal is signed. Together, SalesChain and e-Automate represent the foundation for efficiency across your entire business.  Work that is done in one system can trigger action in the other.

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