A Comprehensive Suite Of Tools That Help Your Dealership Succeed

SalesChain is dedicated to creating an integrated, automated workflow solution for the digital workforce which helps teams across different departments work together seamlessly.

Deal Pricing Suite

SalesChain’s Proposal & Order Pricing solution is a comprehensive suite of mathematical tools designed to work together to provide sales reps with the power and flexibility to price and document simple or complex proposals including service pricing.

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Document Generation

SalesChain has your back when it comes to complex and precise document generation. Using the information your team populates into our software, we intelligently generate precise documents for every step along the way.

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Electronic Signatures

The SalesChain E-Sign utility allows users to create, send and sign documents electronically. E-Sign replaces a  time consuming process with a streamlined communication tool. SalesChain’s E-Sign tool stands apart in that ALL of the major leasing companies accept our signatures.

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Delivery Workflow

The delivery workflow automation system allows you to organize, automate and measure the efficiency of fulfillment processes and resources. Reps can process multiple delivery jobs on a single order and add pick up and move instructions with ease.

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Financial Services

With nearly 95% of transactions requiring financing, nearly every part of the SalesChain suite has some reference to financial services. Dealers may publish lease pricing from one or many leasing company partners.

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Order Fulfillment

SalesChain’s two-way integration with e-Automate automates every step of the Order Fulfillment workflow after a deal is signed. This is a collaboration directly with developers at e-Automate and allows SalesChain a superior level of connectivity.

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What Sets SalesChain Apart?

Integrated Commissions

With integrated commissions, managers and reps alike can avoid confusion, conflicts and time spent guessing. Integrated commissions acts as a “glue” which keeps users within the system, and your data accurate.

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Business Intelligence Built In

SalesChain combines quality data and understandable metrics for a better business intelligence solution. Our Business Intelligence toolset is built right into our system to ensure accurate data.

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Web Based Platform

SalesChain’s web-based platform lets you take us on the go. Our mobile suite allows access to all of your data and functionality wherever you are. Your sales team will never be without an opportunity to sell!

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What Can SalesChain Do For You?

Interested in learning what the SalesChain system has to offer? One of our SalesChain experts would be glad to walk you through the system and show you exactly what our software can do for you.