Row the Boat

In order to be successful, business teams need to row the same boat in sync. Members of the team need to move in the same direction with the same destination in mind. How do they get there? By working together! In the modern business world, well-synced teams take advantage of digital tools to achieve their objectives. 

Interdependency is the Key

A team is defined as a group of people who perform interdependent tasks to work toward accomplishing a common mission or specific objective. In the corporate world, many hours and dollars are spent to create highly functioning, revenue-generating, synchronized teams of employees.  

The key word here is “interdependent”. Each individual employee’s effort is needed to generate a successful result. Employee contributions are synergistic rather than additive. In other words, optimizing every part of the work results in a sum equal to more than the individual parts. If each individual or team is siloed with no connection between efforts, then optimization isn’t possible. The ideal hierarchy is one where employees are synchronized. No matter where they are on the corporate ladder, they should be familiar with the ongoing group efforts and how their contributions integrate into the whole.  Businesses need to sync their teams! 

What does it mean to be Synchronized in a Business/Sales Team Environment?

“A high-performance team is a cross-functional group of people with complementary skills. Effective work practices are crucial to building high-performing teams.” – Leadership Garden 

In any team, communication is key.  Information must be in a format that is easily accessible and can be easily shared by employees.  Managers need to know what actions their sales representatives have taken on a daily basis to secure an account.  Sales representatives must be able to access information regarding the delivery personnel and the fulfillment process in order to keep their clients informed and happy. Upper management wants to keep tabs on KPIs to inform ongoing business decisions.   

All these components are, by nature, interconnected. When information is communicated effectively, responsibilities can be clearly outlined, and performance can be measured and trackable. The same should be true for any software platform your team uses to stay synchronized. To be their most successful, many teams utilize a central platform for critical processes such as storing and sharing data and information, activity tracking and planning, lead and deal creation and management, and more. If your team uses multiple platforms, it is critical that they can integrate with one another to cut down on redundant data entries, miscommunications, and mistakes.  

Synchronizing your team often facilitates a uniform process for: 

  • Creating sales leads   
  • Booking meetings and sharing information  
  • Assigning and tracking tasks and performance  
  • Consolidating and concentrating important data 
  • Creating and closing deals   
  • Billing/documenting orders  
  • Distributing delivery/back-end documentation  
  • Creating commissions packages  

One System for Dealers in Imaging and IT

Watch this brief video to learn a bit about where our offering is heading in 2023!

Benefits of ‘Syncing the Team’

When processes are put in place to facilitate syncing your team, team interactions can be optimized. Syncing your team with intelligent software and automation can lead to: 

  • Higher efficiency. When each working part is operating at its best, the whole system works most effectively.  
  • Less time wasted. Every communication task that is automated and standardized frees up employee time to invest in brainstorming, creating, and accomplishing tasks. 
  • A lower margin for error. Systematizing protocols makes it easier to spot and correct issues quickly.   
  • Team members are more easily rewarded for achieving specific goals. Employees are incentivized by being able to document and present accomplishments to their managers.  

And of course: The Bottom Line! 

  • More Sales: More efficient use of time ultimately creates more sales leads, more deals closed, and more commissions!   

Syncing the Team Without Sinking the Team

Syncing your team requires a commitment to developing effective improvement strategies. While some may think it is not worthwhile to invest the time and money, failing to consider synchronization strategies may lead to: 

  • Lower efficiency 
  • Wasted Time  
  • Miscommunication  
  • And Missed Opportunities  

When you fail to have a synchronized process, you may increase the margin for error within your team. Simply put, you sync the team, or you sink the team. It’s important to remember that all kinds of businesses are employing digital strategies in order to improve their team’s synchronization. If your competitors are doing this, you risk falling behind. Consider the digital platforms your team use: are they integrated, efficient, accessible, and comprehensive? Do your software platforms sync your team, or sink your team? 

How have Teams/Companies Tried to Synchronize in the Past?

From interoffice memos to old-fashioned Rolodexes and paper filing systems, business teams have utilized multiple tools designed to optimize efficiency and communication. With the advent of the digital age, multiple software tools have become available to organize office functions. Many in the office technology industry have taken advantage of these products, introducing more than one digital tool in an effort to streamline operations.  

However, there is an inherent problem with this approach.  Cobbling together multiple pieces of software to handle different organizational needs can result in employee confusion, data overlap or loss, software incompatibility issues, and cumbersome maintenance and upgrade schedules.  

How are Teams Syncing Now?

Effective teamwork practices include good software platforms! High-performing teams are nimble and focused — which requires clear, timely, and streamlined communication.” – Leadership Garden 

No doubt, syncing your team can be a complex and multifaceted challenge. Business teams today use a wide variety of digital platforms to synchronize their processes and boost their efficiency. Software platforms like Slack, Salesforce, Monday, Jira, ConnectWise, e-Automate, and more provide business teams with an unprecedented range of options and solutions to their needs. But not all platforms are built the same. With so many options available, how do office technology and IT product dealers know what is right for them? 

SalesChain is the only solution in the office technology and IT product industry to offer a comprehensive solution to the problem of successful synchronization. Our platform serves as a complete business automation software, connecting the front and back-office staff and boosting your team’s efficiency.  

Project success engenders team trust, cooperation, and the motivation for continued collaboration – sharing skills, ideas, and data to produce the best result. SalesChain is the project management software platform needed to do this. Remember – a TEAM means “Together Everyone Achieves More”. Sync your team today with SalesChain! 


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