[Southbury, CT] – Business workflow automation and software solutions provider SalesChain has added a new 30-60-90+ Forecasting Desk to their software platform. This new view gives users another interactive option for viewing their pipeline.
“This interactive report was inspired by one of our archived screens – the “Sales Funnel Report by 30/60/90,’” says CEO Tim Szczygiel. The new view features a slim, expected-close-date-based breakdown. Notably, the “Next Step” of each lead is prominently displayed and directly editable with a brand-new pop-up interface for easy sales team communication.

“We love this new forecasting view so much that we started using it internally,” says Customer Success Manager Matthew Szczygiel. “The ability to see and alter next steps right from the forecasting table makes this a conversation piece between a sales manager and sales rep, sales manager and owner etc. When I’m working with our clients, it’s now my recommendation for our user’s default view.”

About SalesChain: SalesChain is the complete business automation solution for office equipment dealers. A CIO Magazine top 10 Workflow Automation Company, SalesChain provides CRM, CPQ, Quote to Cash and more for copier dealers and managed service providers. SalesChain helps dealers create smart data that can be used across the business to create more efficient operations.

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