[Southbury, CT] Business workflow automation provider SalesChain released a new territory analytics tool to their software platform. This tool will allow dealers to use their software platform to collate, analyze, and make decisions based on sales opportunities in different geographic regions.

According to SalesChain CEO Tim Szczygiel, this tool provides a “spot-in-time analysis.”  It helps dealers understand the range of their opportunities in a particular region, based on zip code, so they can balance their sales rep’s customer base in that area.

The software syncs sales rep territory information input with national census data. This gives users density data, such as total number of businesses in a zip code or a region, along with how many accounts are currently in that region along with the number of leases, and the revenue being generated there. This balancing tool has the capacity to run scenarios with the data to help managers make informed decisions.

Contact SalesChain today to see how our platform can help your business effectively distribute customer accounts by territory and increase your bottom line! Users interested in this feature can contact the SalesChain help desk for more information at (203) 262-1611 or email us at Support@saleschain.com.


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