What Is Blended Solution Selling?

As an office technology dealer, you are constantly looking for ways to improve your business, increase revenue, and meet the changing demands of your customers. One strategy that has become increasingly popular in recent years is blended solution selling. Blended solution selling is the practice of selling a combination of hardware, software, and services to provide a comprehensive solution to a customer’s needs. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into why blended solution selling should be a priority for office technology dealers and how it can benefit your business. 

Benefits of Bundled Solution Selling

Meeting Customer Demands 

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world, customers are looking for comprehensive solutions that can meet their specific needs. They want to work with vendors who can provide a one-stop-shop for all their technology needs, rather than having to work with multiple vendors to obtain different products and services. By offering a blended solution, office technology dealers can provide customers with a complete and integrated solution that addresses all their needs. 

For example, a customer who is in need of a new printer may also require software to manage printing and document management services to support their day-to-day operations. By offering a complete solution that includes hardware, software, and services, you can meet all their needs and provide added value to the customer. This approach can lead to more satisfied customers, higher customer retention rates, and ultimately increased revenue for your business. 


Increased Profitability 

Selling a complete solution can lead to higher profitability compared to selling individual products. When you offer a comprehensive solution, you can provide added value to the customer, which they are often willing to pay a premium for. Additionally, by bundling services such as installation, training, and support, you can create ongoing revenue streams and build long-term relationships with customers. 

For instance, if you sell a customer a printer and also offer installation and training services, you can charge a premium for the bundled services, which will increase your revenue. Moreover, by offering ongoing support services such as maintenance, repair, and replacement, you can create a positive relationship along with this recurring revenue stream that can boost profitability in the long run. 

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Competitive Advantage 

In today’s competitive market, offering a comprehensive solution can help you stand out from the competition. By offering a complete solution, you can differentiate yourself from other office technology dealers who may only offer individual products. This approach can also help you attract new customers who are looking for a one-stop-shop for their technology needs. 

When you offer a complete solution, you can also provide a higher level of service and support than your competitors. By understanding your customers’ needs and providing customized solutions, you can become a trusted advisor, which can help you further strengthen customer relationships. Additionally, by offering ongoing support services, you can provide a higher level of service than competitors who may only offer basic support services. 


Improved Customer Relationships 

When you sell a complete solution, you become more than just a vendor to your customers; you become a partner. By providing ongoing support and services, you can build strong relationships with customers, which can lead to repeat business and referrals. Additionally, by understanding your customers’ needs and providing customized solutions, you can become a trusted advisor, which can help you further strengthen customer relationships. 

Office technology dealers who offer ongoing support services can also gain insight into customers’ evolving needs and requirements, helping your business stay ahead of the curve and proactively offer solutions that meet customers’ changing demands. This approach can lead to increased customer loyalty and trust, which can ultimately lead to more business and higher revenue. 

Implementing a Blended Solution Selling Strategy

To implement a successful blended solution selling strategy, there are a few key steps you need to take: 

  1. Understand your customers’ needs: Before you can offer a complete solution, you need to understand your customers’ needs and requirements. This means taking the time to listen to them and asking questions to understand their pain points and challenges. This information will help you tailor your solutions to meet their specific needs. 
  1. Offer customized solutions: Once you understand your customers’ needs, you can offer customized solutions that address all their requirements. This means bundling hardware, software, and services to provide a complete solution. Be sure to highlight the added value of the bundled solution, such as ongoing support services and training. 
  1. Provide ongoing support: To build strong customer relationships and create recurring revenue streams, it’s important to provide ongoing support services. This includes maintenance, repair, and replacement services, as well as training and technical support. By providing ongoing support, you can become a trusted advisor and partner to your customers. 
  1. Monitor customer feedback: To ensure your blended solution selling strategy is working effectively, it’s important to monitor customer feedback. This means collecting feedback on your solutions, services, and support, and using this information to improve your offerings. Regularly check in with your customers to see how your solutions are meeting their needs and adjust as needed. 
  1. Employ the use of a CRM/CPQ system that specializes in offering bundled solutions in your industry. One of the advantages of an Industry-specific CRM/CPQ platform for office technology dealers is easy access to a range of product catalogs, allowing your business to easily offer bundled solutions.  

Key Takeaways

Blended solution selling can provide numerous benefits to office technology dealers. Offering a complete solution that includes hardware, software, and services, can help your business meet customers’ evolving needs, increase profitability, and differentiate yourself from the competition. By building strong customer relationships and providing ongoing support, you can become a trusted advisor and partner to your customers. Lastly, by implementing a blended solution selling strategy, you can position your business for long-term success in the ever-changing office technology industry. 

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