One System Means Complete, Accurate Data

SalesChain already has accurate data. When a sales rep performs an action, we add it directly to your charting tools. This means no cross pollination or manual entry across disparate systems.

New Charts & Customizable Dashboards

Displaying information in an easy to understand way is critical. Organizing these charts into custom dashboards lets you see exactly the information you want.

Audit Reports for Detailed Information

Each chart in our BI platform is associated with a detailed audit report. With a single click, you can view a spreadsheet report of the information within the chart.

Actionable Data Drives Better Decisions

Complete and accurate data presented in an easy-to-understand format becomes actionable data. Data that you can rely upon to detect problems and make sound decisions for your business.


Individual Charts


Unique Metrics

Custom Dashboards

Better Data, Better Results

We already have the data your business needs within our system.

What Can SalesChain Do For You?

Interested in learning what the SalesChain system has to offer? One of our SalesChain experts would be glad to walk you through the system and show you exactly what our software can do for you.