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One System, One Solution

Designed for office equipment dealers, our sales automation solution is a comprehensive suite of tools to automate your business and synchronize your entire workforce.

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Integrations That Matter

Upgrade your workflow with  integrations to critical industry softwares that synchronize automatically. Our two-way integrations include Outlook 365, Hubspot and ECI e-Automate.

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Proven Support and Training

Services including user Training, Data Cleansing and De-Duping, and Workflow Design catalyze a seamless transition into the system and organize data for better efficiency.

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We Are Trusted Nation-Wide

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“SalesChain plays a very important role in our business; from presales, sales, pricing, order processing and fulfillment it touches them all. It has helped us improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of all our Sales Executives. SalesChain has also excelled on all aspects of support and service. We looked at all the major CRM providers in our industry and there is no question we chose the right one.”

“The proactive nature of SalesChain, the way that if funnels out leads to reps has been helpful in finding new business. The ability for them to work remotely from their phones and laptops has been a major improvement over the centralized system we had before. Deal pricing has made it a lot easier for me because I can ensure that the pricing that I get from reps is actually what’s utilized rather than the method that they did before, which was handwritten.”

“When we on-boarded, we set a goal to improve on our organization when it came to paperwork. Right away, the support team was there to show us how to organize everything.  No dealing with automated answering systems, we can always talk to a person and get a clear answer. From filing things correctly to making sure everyone is on the same page, we felt covered by the SalesChain help desk.”

We Are Purpose-Built for Office Equipment Dealers

To grow your business, your team needs a strategy that’s centered around your customers and enabled by the right technology. Big-box CRM solutions enable your sales force to keep track of contact information and interactions with customers, but SalesChain goes a step further to help drive your digital transformation with the perfect set of tools. For our more comprehensive users, our system is deeply integrated with E-Automate and includes a Lease Portfolio Management Utility, letting users research lease and asset information just as easily as standard contact information.

With multiple subscription options, your organization can scale up from our basic CRM to our more integrated packages with ease. No matter what phase of growth you’re in, SalesChain has a solution for your business.

We Are Integrated

Case Study: Delivery Workflow Automation

In this video testimonial, Crystal Manning talks about how SalesChain’s delivery workflow management tools cut KDI’s DSO in half.

We Are Always Growing

See what’s new in SalesChain. Our solution goes beyond CRM to offer complete automation for your business.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Manage Your Schedule, Modify Appointments, and Sync activities with SalesChain Contacts

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Business Intelligence Tools

Build Custom Sales, MIF, Activity, and Delivery Dashboards to Measure Key Performance Indicators With Over 350 Charts

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Forecast Inventory Lookup

Manage Supply Chain Issues By Suggesting Used or On-Hand Alternatives.

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How Can SalesChain Help Your Business?

Use the link below to schedule a discovery call for a demonstration of the SalesChain system. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and see if SalesChain is the right partner to help you grow your business.