Business Workflow Automation For Office Technology Companies

Serving Customers Across the US And Canada for 18 Years

One System, One Solution

Designed for office equipment dealers, our sales automation solution is a comprehensive suite of tools to automate your business and synchronize your entire workforce.

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Integrations That Matter

Upgrade your workflow with  integrations to critical industry softwares that synchronize automatically. Our two-way integrations include Outlook 365, Hubspot and ECI e-Automate.

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Proven Support and Training

Services including user Training, Data Cleansing and De-Duping, and Workflow Design catalyze a seamless transition into the system and organize data for better efficiency.

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Empowering 3300+ Users From 46 States and 3 Provinces

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“SalesChain plays a very important role in our business; from presales, sales, pricing, order processing and fulfillment it touches them all. It has helped us improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of all our Sales Executives. SalesChain has also excelled on all aspects of support and service. We looked at all the major CRM providers in our industry and there is no question we chose the right one.”

“The proactive nature of SalesChain, the way that if funnels out leads to reps has been helpful in finding new business. The ability for them to work remotely from their phones and laptops has been a major improvement over the centralized system we had before. Deal pricing has made it a lot easier for me because I can ensure that the pricing that I get from reps is actually what’s utilized rather than the method that they did before, which was handwritten.”

“When we on-boarded, we set a goal to improve on our organization when it came to paperwork. Right away, the support team was there to show us how to organize everything.  No dealing with automated answering systems, we can always talk to a person and get a clear answer. From filing things correctly to making sure everyone is on the same page, we felt covered by the SalesChain help desk.”

We’re in the People Business:

What makes your business successful is your people. When every individual in your organization is doing their job, and making forward progress, the whole machine runs efficiently and effectively. That’s why SalesChain was founded. We’re here to provide tools to unify, streamline, and organize your work force.

Get your team operating expertly in the SalesChain system in  a single hour-long session. Listen and follow along with an online course, or schedule an appointment to have one of our expert instructors visit your business.

When it comes to simple questions and quick instructions, our help desk personnel are a fantastic resource.

A Customer-Sourced Platform

A major focus of ours is customization. Instead of giving your team a cookie cutter solution and expecting them to fit in with our norm, we take the time to personally help each of our customers set up their interfaces to resemble their workflow. On a by-request basis, we even work on major programming projects with our customers to add utilities just for them. What we provide is a very capable set of tools. Going the extra mile to adapt these tools to work for you helps you utilize them to grow and expand your business. Essentially – we help with the heavy lifting.

What Can SalesChain Do For You?

Interested in learning what the SalesChain system has to offer? One of our SalesChain experts would be glad to walk you through the system and show you exactly what our software can do for you.