Generate The Documents Your Business Needs

Document automation from SalesChain allows businesses to get more deals closed and more orders fulfilled. Not only can you make it easier for salespeople to create beautiful documents, but you’ll also have the insights you need to create a more predictable, repeatable, and scalable pipeline. Presenting your client with consistent, accurate documents quickly is critical to closing a sale. SalesChain’s integrated document generation system ensures high-quality documents to help speed up your sales pipeline. Our system is capable of generating any document that your business wants to import including sales proposals, sales orders, lease agreements, build sheets, lease buyout acknowledgement letters, pickup and move forms, service agreements and much more.

SalesChain Generates All The Documents Your Business Needs

Enable Your Digital Documents Transition

As more brands work to convert their businesses to a paperless model, digitizing documents is now the standard. Enable your business to transition to a digital documentation model by moving your document generation needs into the SalesChain system. All of the documents that are generated from our system can be immediately emailed to relevant parties and are stored in our cloud for easy reference under account and order records. Easily upload existing documents into our system for reference under the same accounts as well.

Sign Documents Electronically

SalesChain is the only vendor in the business technology field that incorporates secure, approved, E-sign capability right into the software suite.  E-signatures can expedite closing deals, because customers don’t have to wait to arrange face-to-face meetings, and documents can be processed electronically much more quickly.  Many of your customers will finance their purchases through leasing companies.  E-signatures are legally accepted by all the major leasing companies in the business.  SalesChain’s Lease Portfolio Management utility is integrated into the deal pricing process, and we have direct integrations with many major leasing companies, like Great America and DLL.

Get Documents Right The First Time

SalesChain’s document generation system is built right into our system. That means no populating information across disparate systems or manual data entry. Whenever information is carried between different systems or changed manually, there is another point of error at which information can be altered. Using the information your team populates into our software, we intelligently generate precise documents for every step along the way.

Secure Document Storage

To keep your documents safe and secure, each dealer has a designated “Vault” for document storage independent of other dealers’ databases. For added security and data management, we emphasize that no two dealers share overlapping file storage locations in our server network. SalesChain provides document management and digital file storage for all customers. This database is protected with secure, 128 HTTPs encryption.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

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