Lasting Loyalty

SalesChain takes great pride in our product; but we take even more pride in the customers that have allowed us to serve them over the years. It humbles us to know that many of our customers have been using our product for more than a decade, which means they’ve seen three major iterations of the GUI and countless innovations and new tools added. With customers hailing from 46 states and 3 Canadian provinces SalesChain’s coverage is not only nation-wide, but has exceeded national borders.

What’s more, the feedback from our user base have played a pivotal role in helping us develop our software. Our software has evolved as our customers have evolved with coverage including IT Services, document management services, and electronic signature authentication. For that, we owe a great deal of thanks to our loyal customers who continue to use SalesChain every day to automate their businesses and empower their workforce. To our customers we say Thank you! To Those considering SalesChain, don’t take our word for it; see what users have to say:

“SalesChain plays a very important role in our business; from presales, sales, pricing, order processing and fulfillment it touches them all. It has helped us improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of all our Sales Executives. SalesChain has also excelled on all aspects of support and service. We looked at all the major CRM providers in our industry and there is no question we chose the right one.”

Tom Flesch


Gordon Flesch

“In 2007 the SOS Sales Management Team did an industry study of available CRM products.  This was after a multi-year history with another product that ended up being a failure.  In February 2008 we concluded that Sales Chain was the best product and value that the industry had to offer.”

“Over those many years Sales Chain has listen our suggestions and continued to improve the product. From time to time we re-evaluate our decision.  We continue to believe that Sales Chain is an exceptional product with exceptional support!”

Vince E. Puente, Sr. 

President – Sales & Marketing

Southwest Office Systems, Inc.

“We recently upgraded to SalesChain Platinum. Right away, the support team was there to show us how to organize everything. When we on-boarded, we set a goal to improve on our organization when it came to paperwork. No dealing with automated answering systems, we can always talk to a person and get a clear answer . From filing things correctly to making sure everyone is on the same page, we felt covered by the SalesChain help desk.”

Donn O. Clarke 

Director of Sales

New England Copier Specialists

“For LDI, SalesChain has become much more than a CRM. As an integral part of our daily business operation, SalesChain touches virtually every department at LDI on a daily basis. From prospecting, forecasting, pipeline management; to lease portfolio management; to equipment/service pricing and proposal generation; to order/delivery management and commissions;  – we’ve come to rely on SalesChain as a foundational element of not only our sales efforts, but our business as a whole.”

Paul Schwartz


LDI Color Toolbox

“Integrated commissions made things a lot easier for us. From my standpoint [as CFO], we get pricing in a lot quicker than we did before and pushed out to our reps faster. It’s not the long monthly process it used to be when we had multiple spreadsheets. All the reps can see what they’re looking at [taking home] for each deal. If they need to make a change, they can do so on the fly. Using SalesChain also means that the pricing is set so I know there’s not a mathematical error somewhere along the way.”

Steve Ouellette


Budget Document Technology

“First of all, the proactive nature of SalesChain, the way that if funnels out leads to reps has been helpful in finding new business. Second, The ability for them to work remotely from their phones and laptops has been a major improvement over the centralized system we had before, which required them to be in the office. And third, deal pricing has made it a lot easier for me because I can ensure that the pricing that I get from reps is actually what’s utilized rather than the method that they did before, which was handwritten.”

Kathryn Murph 


Automated Business Resources