The SalesChain E-Sign utility is a comprehensive technology and workflow system that allows users to create, send and sign documents electronically. E-Sign Replaces a manual and time consuming process with a streamlined communication tool featuring the ability  to track every step of the process. All major leasing vendors accept electronic signatures generated within our system. Not to mention, it keeps your business moving when you’re forced to work from home.

Sample Documents

All Signature processes are E-Signable in the SalesChain System

Two Powerful Methods for Signing

Versatility and Mobility

How it Works:

A Sales Rep creates a proposal and/or an order using SalesChain’s Deal Pricing tools. With the click of a button, a user generates one or many transaction documents with complete data merge functionality. After reviewing the document package, a simple button click locks the document package to begin the ESign process.

Secure, 128 HTTPs Encryption

As soon as a document is staged to sign electronically, it’s locked in an electronic envelope to identify and track its progress. Locked means that no user — Not even a SalesChain administrator — can modify its contents. If the sales rep or operations staff determines that any change is required, they must revoke the initial document request and start the process over again. At any time, with a single click, the issuer may revoke the request for digital signing.

Every step of the process is logged, allowing you to track all actions for each and every document package processed. The traceable actions that are logged include:

  • Document package created by the sales Rep user.
  • Any modification made to the document package by the sales rep user.
  • Marked for electronic signing – The document is locked.
  • Request made to signer.
  • Signer viewed the document package.
  • Signer endorses the document package.
  • Issuer revokes the document package.
  • All workflow notification steps are logged.

Your Own “Vault” for Document Storage

Each dealer has a designated “Vault” for storage. For added security and data management, we emphasize that no two dealers share overlapping file storage locations in our server network. SalesChain provides document management and digital file storage for all customers. Types of documents we store include:

  • Document templates
  • Transaction documents
  • E-Signed documents
  • Uploaded Documents
  • Email Attachments
  • User Uploaded Images


Every E-Sign Action is Tracked for Legitimacy

At the point in time that the user marks a document for E-Sign, the document is locked.


  1. A Global Unique Identification Number or GUID is created and associated with the SalesChain dealer, the user, and the specific document request package.
  2. All actions related to the document are tracked using this GUID. Sort of like a barcode for each.
  3. A copy of the original document (prior to signing) is archived for auditing purposes.
  4. Upon final execution by electronic signature, the document request record in the relational database is marked as signed, time stamped, and the signer IP address is stored.
  5. The completed file is archived within the dealer’s “Vault” in PDF format, forever forward.

A copy of the signed document may be viewed by users with appropriate permissions.