Sign and Send Documents for Signature

SalesChain is the only vendor in the business technology field that incorporates secure, approved, E-sign capability right into the software suite.  Electronic signatures can expedite closing deals, because customers don’t have to wait to arrange face-to-face meetings, and documents can be processed electronically much more quickly.  Many of your customers will finance their purchases through leasing companies.  E-signatures are legally accepted by all the major leasing companies in the business.  SalesChain’s Lease Portfolio Management utility is integrated into the deal pricing process, and we have direct integrations with many major leasing companies, like Great America and DLL.

Two Powerful Methods For Signing

Sign using a tablet or iPad. Select this option, and the end-user may review the document and sign on the spot using a signature pad on an iPad or other tablet device. Once signed, workflow notifications are sent to the signer, the sales rep, and any other desired operational staff. With one click, a request is emailed to the designated signer. The signer may review the locked document package via an internet browser and can sign using an electronic signature pad. Information including the signer’s name, title, email address, and IP address are captured for confirmation and record keeping.

How Does it Work?

First, a Sales Rep creates a legal document (like a service agreement, a lease agreement, a lease buyout acknowledgment letter, etc.) using SalesChain’s Deal Pricing tools, with the click of a button. After reviewing the document package, a simple button click locks the document package to begin the e-Sign process. They’ll be prompted to either send the document via email or to have the customer sign it on the spot. E-Sign activity including sending emails, the customer opening the email, viewing the document, and signing it can be viewed in the signature desk for full transparency.

Your Own Vault For Document Storage

Each dealer has a designated “Vault” for storage. For added security and data management, we emphasize that no two dealers share overlapping file storage locations in our server network. SalesChain provides document management and digital file storage for all customers. Types of documents we store include: Document templates, Transaction documents, E-Signed documents, Uploaded Documents, Email Attachments, and User Uploaded Images.

Every E-Sign Action is Tracked for Legitimacy

At the point in time that the user marks a document for E-Sign, the document is locked. A Global Unique Identification Number or GUID is created and associated with the SalesChain dealer, the user, and the specific document request package. All actions related to the document are tracked using this GUID. Sort of like a barcode for each. A copy of the original document (prior to signing) is archived for auditing purposes. Upon final execution by electronic signature, the document request record in the relational database is marked as signed, time-stamped, and the signer IP address is stored. The completed file is archived within the dealer’s “Vault” in PDF format, forever forward. A copy of the signed document may be viewed by users with appropriate permissions.

How Can SalesChain Help Your Business?

Use the link below to schedule a discovery call for a demonstration of the SalesChain system. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and see if SalesChain is the right partner to help you grow your business.