SalesChain Does Documents Better. How?

Proposal Wizard

SalesChain’s Proposal Wizard allows reps to customize what information they show, or redact from any proposal generated. Select different lease periods, show cash buyout values, include IT products, or integrate service costs.

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Electronic Signatures

Speed up your deal process with electronic signatures which are legally accepted by all of the major leasing companies. SalesChain is the only vendor in the Business Technology field with secure, approved E-Sign capabilities.

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Integrated Service & Solutions Pricing

SalesChain’s deal pricing tool allows users to aggregate service and solutions pricing for both IT and Hardware solutions on the same proposal. Not only saving time, but giving the customer a single, understandable numerical value.

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Utilize and Include Critical Pricing Information

IT Products and Equipment Sales

Thanks to our Catalogs Made Easy Lookup Utility, reps can add machines and IT products alike from official manufacturor catalogs. The Best Part: SalesChain updates these catalogs for you.

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Flexible CPC Service Pricing

With SalesChain, reps can price service with intelligent Cost Per Copy (CPC) pricing without having to ask managers for help. Reps can buy down the cost of service to win profitable hardware deals.

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IT Services Pricing

As the digital transformation has converged technologies, never before has the need been greater for intelligent, collaborative selling tools that allow sales teams to price hardware and services on a single proposal

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Lease Financing

SalesChain’s Lease Portfolio Management utility is integrated into the deal pricing process. We have direct integrations to many major leasing companies like Great America.

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