Integrate Your Commissions

SalesChain’s business automation system is the only provider with a built-in commissions module. The integrated accounting approach allows for greater understanding through transparency. When the commission system is calculated within the same system that is used to price deals, that information is the most up-to-date and remains untainted by human or machine error. Because of the wealth of information that automatically syncs to update within the system, users of the software can immediately know who is selling what, when, and with the greatest success.

Automate Payroll

When a business uses an automated commissions module, commissions are easy to calculate quickly and accurately.  Quotas and compensation percentages can be programmed into an algorithm that runs automatically and can be adjusted for different salespeople, different territories, different products, etc. When it comes time to pay commissions, simply review the numbers and pay your sales reps with a click!

Process Simple or Complex Commissions

SalesChain’s robust commission system is capable of calculating simple or advanced commission structures. Whether your team is paid on gross profit or revenue, hardware value, once a quarter or weekly, our system is capable of getting sales reps paid!

Easy Split Rep Commissions

Easily process split rep commissions on any given order to encourage collaboration. Customize split rep commissions at the user or branch level within your SalesChain instance. SalesChain also includes tools for processing split commissions to specialists like those who sell IT Products and services as well as wide-format or production print,

Create or Import Incentive Programs

The reality is, salespeople are in this industry to make money. What sometimes gets lost is the fact that salespeople can make more money when they understand how the business makes money. Extract patterns from the data in SalesChain and understand your market to know what products to focus your attention on. Use integrated commissions to incentivize selling those products. SalesChain’s Forecasting tools use this information to predict future sales successes and provide an estimate of profits.

Drive User Adoption

“Commissions are the glue.” SalesChain CEO Tim Szczygiel talks about what this means to us in the video linked below. One of the best ways to motivate everyone to use the software, keep up to date with their actions, and build a complete data set is to process sales commissions within SalesChain. By paying commissions out of the same system where sales reps are pricing deals, you can just about guarantee that reps will price deals completely and accurately in order to make sure their commission is paid correctly and in full. It’s a fantastic motivator for user adoption, and makes the commission process easier for management!

SalesChain Case Study

Pricing Proposals and Paying Commissions Faster with John Kerling of United Business Systems

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