Integration is so important. The amount of time people waste taking information and populating it across two to four different systems is astonishing. We wanted to eliminate that duplicity and make everything work with just one system.

SalesChain and e-Automate work together to provide dealers with the most powerful integrated solution for office technology dealers. 

Integration with e-Automate ensures consistency through your sales orders with active synchronization. Whenever a sales order is created in e-Automate, a deal is automatically priced in SalesChain with all the appropriate figures populated for you. When a deal is priced in SalesChain there is no more need to type the order into e-Automate once a salesman has made the order in SalesChain. Features include the ability to:


– Remove disparate systems and keep all your information in one place. 

–  Synchronization between e-Automate orders and SalesChain in real time. Any and all changes are tracked live to the other system. 

–  Save time by eliminating duplicity.

– Automatically convert prospects into accounts, including contact information and archived CRM data. 

–  Help people on both sides of your business collaborate in real time.

Meaningful Action

SalesChain can capture points of work and generate actions, including notifications. Whenever a sales order in e-Automate is generated, and a deal is automatically priced in SalesChain, Jim the sales manager can get a notification on his dashboard. 


– Track Sale progress and major events and notify the right people.

– Generate actions from event triggers like delivery document generation.

– Eliminate status update calls and constant emails and keep people working. 

Hubspot: Get SalesChain Qualified Leads

SalesChain is excited to announce our new integration with HubSpot. This integration allows for the sales and marketing departments to work seamlessly together to effectively market, nurture and identify opportunities for sales.

  • Our workflow system also provides for the automatic handoff of leads that have been qualified by marketing to the sales team in an organized and automated fashion eliminating time delays and manual entry by the marketing team.
  • This is all meant to make the strengths that HubSpot social media and marketing offer combined with the reorganization and workflow offerings of SalesChain.
  • So How does it work?
    • First, we synchronize data.
      • Companies and contacts that are in SalesChain can be imported into HubSpot, utilizing the segmentation and targeting tools available in SalesChain to prioritize marketing activities.
      • In the other direction, Accounts and contacts as well as activities that occur within HubSpot are viewed within the SalesChain system seamlessly, so that the effort the marketing has put in is put right in the hands of the salespeople.
      • To make this even more seamless, when marketing generates or identifies a lead, the SalesChain workflow system can automatically detect that event, create a lead within SalesChain and send an email to the sales rep with clear instructions representing the HubSpot marketing activity.
      • The residual effect of this is that sales forecasting will automatically have the lead represented within the sales rep’s forecast and the sales analytics and dashboarding tools within SalesChain will provide ROI measurements for leads and revenue sourced from HubSpot.

EDA Direct by Randall-Reilly

SalesChain gives your sales reps the competitive advantage with access to EDA Data from SalesChain

Know who, when and where to call to displace your competition.

  • EDA data imported directly into SalesChain
  • One click integration to EDA Data through SalesChain
  • Accounts created with complete lease data from EDA
  • Track EDA Data and implement strategic sales calls
  • Receive Automate Workflow Alerts on EDA data UCC filings
  • Maximize the value and structure of EDA data


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