Enroll in SalesChain University

Get your team operating expertly in the SalesChain system in just a single hour-long session. Listen and follow along with an online course, or schedule an appointment to have one of our expert instructors visit your business.

*Basic new user training and deal pricing training for platinum users are included in the onboarding costs of our software! Additional training can be requested below for a nominal fee.

When it comes to quick questions, our help desk personnel and video tutorials are a fantastic resource.

Regularly Scheduled Group Sessions

Join one of our regularly scheduled group training sessions, exclusively for users of SalesChain.

New User Training

Description: An intuitive training session for users just getting started and those needing a refresher course on the basics of using SalesChain on a daily basis. This course is for existing customers of SalesChain only. For all others curious about the system, you can request a demo here.

Management Reporting Training

Description: This training session is designed for sales managers and team leaders who are currently using SalesChain. This session will show you how to track your team’s activity in a number of different ways, generate reports for your next meeting, and put tasks and notifications on your team members’ dashboards to prompt action.

Schedule a Private Session for Your Business

SalesChain is happy to conduct private sessions for your business in person or virtually. We offer our new user, management reporting, and deal pricing trainings by request. Contact us using the button below to set up a time and discuss pricing!