Dedicated IT Pricing Tools

As the office technology industry evolves, so too does SalesChain’s software. Create loyal IT customers out of your existing print base by cross-selling IT products and services alongside print deals. If you already have an established IT sales pipeline, your team will feel at home with SalesChain’s dedicated IT pricing tool. Import and easily manage your product catalog and list of services for easy reference right inside of SalesChain’s Order Breakdown.

NEW: Integrations to IT Distributor Catalogs

With improvements to this tool and these new integrations, SalesChain intends to bring the strength of its proposal and order pricing tool to the IT space. With integrations to Ingram Micro, Supplies Network and TD Synnex, SalesChain brings major distributor catalogs into SalesChain’s proposal and order pricing tool daily.

NEW: ConnectWise Manage Integration

SalesChain is using its platform to establish connectivity between e-Automate, ConnectWise, and their own CRM so that a common customer can be established. If customers exist in one system; that record can be synchronized with the other two, checked for validity, and de-duplicated. This new integration to ConnectWise mirrors SalesChain’s existing capability to create customer data within e-Automate. When a dealer’s sales force closes an opportunity, SalesChain creates a customer and contact in ConnectWise.

Measure Sales Activity

SalesChain provides comprehensive Business Intelligence tools to help you understand and visualize your data. Our forecasting tools provide clear visibility of the breakdown in the sales pipeline. This provides users with a clear picture of how their IT products and services sales stack up against their MFP and copier service sales monetarily and in terms of efficiency and profitability.

IT Scenario Pricing Tool

SalesChain’s powerful Scenario Pricing tool is available in our MFP and IT service pricing tools. SalesChain’s powerful Scenario Pricing tools let you easily address difficult pricing situations by letting you target a specific value within our deal pricing calculator. Amongst our scenarios, you can target a certain gross profit percentage, cost per user, lease payment, or gross profit dollar value.

Easily Upsell and Cross Sell Products

The digital transformation has converged technologies. Never before has the need been greater for intelligent, collaborative selling tools that allow sales teams to price hardware and services on a single proposal. That goes for both IT and print service. Intelligently price and add IT services and attach them to any deal to help create an IT customer base from your existing print customer base.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

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