The Number One Proposal and Order Pricing Tool For Office Technology Dealers

Today’s digital world demands a multi-pronged approach to handle all your business needs. SalesChain represents your number one choice for proposal and order pricing solutions.  No matter the size of your company, SalesChain can provide a full-service platform that is cloud-based, with an automated workflow that integrates all the features you need and is inherently scalable, to grow with your company. Designed for office equipment dealers, our proposal pricing solution is a comprehensive suite of tools to automate your sales team and ties them into the rest of the workforce.

Catalogs Made Easy

Sales proposals begin with detailed product information.  Manufacturers produce voluminous quantities of marketing materials, including catalogs, for business machines.   Dealers for these products face the challenge of collating this information in a cohesive and readily accessible form for their sales representatives.  Let SalesChain do that work for your company and save countless man-hours, as well as the need for dedicated employees to source this data! This database is continuously updated and maintained and includes the latest models, as well as machines that are still available for sale as refurbished units or off-lease options.  SalesChain’s catalog marketing and maintenance team can enter complete and accurate data into your company catalog any time your sales team adds new business machines to their sales portfolio.  This precludes the need for your sales team to waste time on manual data entry, giving them more time to focus on closing deals!

Proposal Wizard

Create attractive, custom proposals with the flexibility to tailor your message for the most detailed sales rep using the SalesChain Proposal Wizard. Our Proposal Wizard allows reps to customize what information they show, or redact from any proposal generated. Select different lease periods, show cash buyout values, include IT products, or integrate service costs. In just a few simple clicks you can have a comprehensive proposal ready to print, email, and E-Sign for acceptance.

Scenario Pricing Tool

SalesChain’s powerful Scenario Pricing tools let you easily address difficult pricing situations by letting you target a specific value within our deal pricing calculator. Amongst our scenarios, you can target a certain gross profit percentage, cost per user, lease payment, or gross profit dollar value. This tool takes the pressure off of reps who are learning and using the pricing tool by allowing users to solve for a certain value rather than trying to adjust different values in our calculator to make it work.

Flexible CPC Service Pricing

With SalesChain, reps can price service with intelligent Cost Per Copy (CPC) pricing without having to ask managers for help. Reps can buy down the cost of service to win profitable hardware deals. Your sales team is keen to promote more than just machine sales.  Digital transformation has made it vital that the office machine industry provide not only hardware, but contract services as well.  Customers are looking for CPC and volume pricing over the life of their equipment, whether it is leased or purchased outright. The SalesChain deal pricing suite generates multiple contract options integrating service pricing, so that sales reps may cross-sell with ease using a single proposal.

Sign Deals Electronically

SalesChain is the only vendor in the business technology field that incorporates secure, approved, E-sign capability right into the software suite.  E-signatures can expedite closing deals, because customers don’t have to wait to arrange face-to-face meetings, and documents can be processed electronically much more quickly.  Many of your customers will finance their purchases through leasing companies.  E-signatures are legally accepted by all the major leasing companies in the business.  SalesChain’s Lease Portfolio Management utility is integrated into the deal pricing process, and we have direct integrations with many major leasing companies, like Great America and DLL.

Cross-Sell IT Products

As the office technology industry evolves, so too does SalesChain’s software. Create loyal IT customers out of your existing print base by cross-selling IT products and services alongside print deals. Use dedicated pricing tools to add these products and services right on top of your existing offerings. Thanks to our Catalogs Made Easy Lookup Utility, reps can add machines and IT products alike from official manufacturer catalogs.

IT Services Pricing

As the digital transformation has converged technologies, never before has the need been greater for intelligent, collaborative selling tools that allow sales teams to price hardware and services on a single proposal. That goes for both IT and print service. Intelligently price and add IT services and attach them to any deal to help create an IT Customer base from your existing print customer base.

Lease Financing

90% of deals made between dealers and clients will be financed. This gives your company a base of existing customers with whom structured deals are in place. More than likely, these deals will be on a 3-5 year term, and at the end of that term, you’ll need to be renewing that lease. If possible, it’s prudent to upgrade that deal to something more profitable for you and offers more utility for them. SalesChain’s Lease Portfolio Management utility is integrated into the deal pricing process. We have direct integrations with many major leasing companies like DLL and Great America.

“Deal pricing [In SalesChain] has made it a lot easier for me because I can ensure that the pricing that I get from reps is actually what’s utilized rather than the method that they did before, which was handwritten.”

Kathryn Murph // President, Automated Business Resources

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