How Does Commissions Hold The Whole SalesChain System Together?

Because Commissions are integrated into the SalesChain software instead of being a separate system. That means it’s easy to view trends and know which products are selling and create incentive programs to reward reps for selling specific products.

It also means that the data you’re viewing is more trustworthy, since it’s never been translated between platforms.  Proposals and orders will be created and priced within the SalesChain system.  Allowing commissions to be processed and reconciled to confirm this data accuracy.  The direct result is that all of the data will be in the system allowing us to create accurate and timely reports.

In short, you can use Commissions to Guide your strategy, Leverage and Understand your data, and Extract meaningful results.


Commissions is the GLUE

In this episode of Coffee With Tim: How can commissions act as a motivator for better company-wide acceptance of a single automation system?


Use trends to GUIDE your strategy

“Salespeople make more money when they understand how the business makes money.” – Tim Szczygiel, Creator of SalesChain.
With SalesChain Integrated Commissions, Reps and managers alike can view sales data in easy-to-understand dashboards and use trends to shape a more successful sales strategy.
The integrated accounting approach gives increased visibility to the sales force in the form of an accessible electronic dashboard.



SalesChain Business Intelligence and Forecasting tools are accessible by all users, including the sales force.
This accessibility allows them to see where the company is making money so that they can capitalize on best selling products and suggest new, compatible ones to clients.
SalesChain workflows are specific to their clients, so the tools you employ and degree of access to them are customizable at not only the client but the dealer level.


EXTRACT from the data to increase revenue

The SalesChain commission program helps to focus employees by making it easy to see important trends in sales data.
EXTRACT patterns from the data and understand your market to know what products to focus your attention on and use integrated commissions to incentivize selling those products.
SalesChain’s Forecasting tools use this information to predict future sales successes, and provide an estimate of profits.


How Can Integrated Commissions Help Your Business?

Check out our features page to learn more about the SalesChain’s commissions system, it’s features and function, and it’s potential benefits.

What Can SalesChain Do For You?

Interested in learning what the SalesChain system has to offer? One of our SalesChain experts would be glad to walk you through the system and show you exactly what our software can do for you.