What is CRM?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, helps manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and prospects. The goal of a CRM system is to increase your business’ sales by helping reps better engage with their prospects. Although SalesChain is much more than a CRM System, Customer Relationship Management is the core of our sales functionality.

In the modern business world, CRM represents the digital equivalent of the 20th century rolodex, with infinitely more capacity and expanded features. SalesChain’s CRM system is capable of scaling to meet the needs of any organization, large dealers with multiple locations can view hundreds of thousands of account records across multiple territories just as easily as a down-the-street reps can enter information on their local prospects. A CRM that works for you can help your business by:

  • Connecting Your Business Silos.
  • Identifying Leads and Suggesting Action.
  • Offering Better Customer Support
  • Increasing Your Bottom Line.

Why Is CRM Important For Your Business?

To grow your business (much less keep it alive), your team needs a strategy that’s centered around your customers, and enabled by the right technology. You have goals. Your sales team has targets, your business has objectives, and you want to find profitability. For businesses to thrive, the sales force needs an organized way to keep track of data sets that go well beyond basic customer contact information, but the sheer volume of trackable customer data is too large for sales professionals to handle manually. Also, getting up-to-date, reliable information from disparate systems is nearly impossible.

A CRM software works to centralize the many streams of data coming in from all sides of your business including sales, customer service, and marketing, and present it in easy-to-understand formats like reports and dashboards. CRM systems are designed to include every interaction with both prospective and current customers across all communication channels, such as phone calls, emails, and in-person sales calls. Used correctly, this data set can create and drive complex workflows for an entire sales team and give management the ability to track employee progress in real-time.

Though CRM systems have traditionally been used as sales and marketing tools, SalesChain’s system goes above and beyond to incorporate service and support roles into the system. In fact, we find that SalesChain frequently doubles the number of CRM users for dealers that we onboard, looping twice as many individuals into your organization’s unified activities. The ability for service managers and technicians to log activities with customers and assets delivers a more holistic and satisfying experience to your customer and gives sales, service, and marketing a single view of the customer to inform their ongoing activities.

What Does A CRM System Do?

A CRM system helps you win more business by communicating more effectively with your customers. A CRM platform serves as a hub for sales teams to enter and alter contact information, enter competitor equipment records, and log activities like call records and meetings. Our CRM system also serve to keep the sales force on track and in sync with each other by helping to avoid duplicate data, managing reps’ schedules through integration with Microsoft Outlook 365, and allowing managers to view activities and achievement for each rep they oversee.

CRM systems also provide a way to integrate the sales and marketing departments. Data-driven sales strategies can inform appropriate marketing campaigns. Customer response to marketing can, in turn, provide further actionable data for the sales workflow. Creating a full digital view of every customer can help with lead tracking, customer follow-up, tracking customer behavior, and providing client support. A data-driven business culture facilitated by a CRM and marketing automation system can provide both better customer service and increased revenue.

What Benefit Does a Cloud-Based Solution Offer?

More and more standard computer functions are moving into the cloud. Previously, CRM solutions were often based around an on-premises server which only allowed users to access the system’s data from within the office environment. With the move into the cloud, the world of CRM is changing. Rather than having to install software on tens, hundreds, or thousands of desktop computers and mobile devices, and maintain their own hardware, organizations are discovering the benefits of moving data, software, and services into a secure online environment.

A cloud-based CRM gives a sales force accessible mobility while out in the field. With an internet connection, users can access their company’s entire SalesChain database from their phone, tablet or laptop no matter where they are. Referencing the cloud database rather than their own notes or contact cards, customer data is more likely to be complete, updated and accurate and less prone to manual data entry errors. Updates, reminders and tasks travel with the user, and can be added and acted upon from anywhere you can access the system. A sales user can look up customer details in their car before a meeting, reference our catalog of machines in the middle of the conversation, and create follow up tasks as they’re walking out of the building. No longer do they need to return to the office just to log their activities in the system.

Using a cloud-based system also means significantly reduced costs in implementation and maintenance since there is no hardware to maintain, nor are there any software updates to install. All of our system updates are done remotely through the cloud. Like many cloud-based CRM solutions, SalesChain is priced by the amount of critical users who need logins as a subscription service rather than as a large upfront charge, meaning the cost is much more manageable upfront and scales with the organization, helping smaller businesses grow rather than crushing them with overhead.


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