Kate’s Video Intro

Let Kate tell you what she’s going to discuss in this webinar!

Customer Service Matters

At SalesChain, we believe that service is the most important part of any software your business is using. That’s why when you call our help desk, you’ll always reach a real person who is knowledgeable in our system and can answer your questions. This is amongst many benefits that set us apart from big box software, and helps us keep our amazing customers for decades.

A Word From Kate: During this webinar, you will learn five action items you can implement right now to level up your dealership’s customer experience to show consistent customer appreciation and deliver a more professional communication experience throughout the entire organization — because any dealership can sell technology, but it is the customer service relationship that keeps the client.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How is your dealership maintaining a meaningful customer relationship before, during and, especially, well beyond the sale?
  • What must your dealership do differently in 2021 to ensure your customers always receive an exceptional customer support experience and do not leave you for your competitors?
  • Do you know what impression your contracts department, AP/AR, technicians, customer service reps or delivery team members are making with each interaction they have with your customers in person, over the phone or in writing?

Who Is Kate Kingston?

Kingston, founder and president of KTG, has been exclusively educating office technology sales executives on every type of prospect across 60-plus industries and how they proprietarily use technology for the last 20 years. This knowledge is the cornerstone of KTG’s prospecting training and empowers the sales executive to schedule more net-new meetings at the C-level with a vertical focus through foot, phone, email and social media to (money-back) guarantee at least a sustainable 50% increase in net-new meetings so they can sell more hardware, software, document management, managed IT, MPS, MS, ECM, 3D, supplies, telecom and mailing solutions across the entire salesforce. This results in a sales force that can recommend the right technology infrastructure solutions by enhancing their understanding of their prospects’ business, creating more robust proposals and sales. Kingston is a recognized authority on lead generation, recruiting new hires from a prospecting skill base perspective and new business development. She is a sales-driven, energized communicator who uses humor, audience participation, proven techniques, handouts and real-time phone calls in her training sessions.

How is SalesChain’s Service Superior?

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