Specialization Is Key

There are an enormous number of software applications available for virtually any corporate niche that exists today.  Specialized software has revolutionized the business world, but there is now the danger of overspecialization in this marketplace.  Employees must juggle multiple different applications because each has single use functionality.  This creates inherent productivity slowdowns, as employees are forced to toggle between open applications and increases errors due to manual data entry.  In fact, it has been found that “single purpose applications are actually impeding rather than enhancing productivity” (cmscritic.com)

This oversaturation of the market with single use software has been addressed recently with the advent of SaaS, or software as a service.  These products eliminate the inherent problems associated with single use software, namely, high subscription costs, duplication of effort across apps, interruption of workflow, increased staff training, unauthorized downloads by employees on the corporate servers posing a security risk (so-called “Shadow IT”), and software incompatibility issues.  SaaS products have the flexibility to be used by any size business, and many smaller niche providers can now offer a SaaS option.  This is the direction of evolution for business software.



The Benefits of SAAS

SaaS software products have inherent benefits for business.  Fast deployment of the application with a relatively low subscription cost is accompanied by service level agreements that provide guidance, training, and trouble shooting.  Individual client customization options can be prototyped and implemented quickly, often soliciting the collaboration of the clients themselves.  SaaS applications lend themselves to the increasingly mobile and remote workforce as well.  Web-based use allows subscribers to access the product anywhere there is internet connectivity.

The bottom line for any enterprise is that time equals money.  Implementation of SaaS products specific to their clients has many advantages.  Costs are decreased because there is simply a pay-as-you-go subscription agreement, with the flexibility to be scaled up or down as needs change.  There is a quicker training curve for employees, and less wasted work time because they are all using one single application.  Software compatibility issues are also eliminated.



SalesChain as a Service

Sales Chain’s complete business automation solution represents the best that SaaS has to offer.  A single product replaces up to five disparate (and possibly incompatible) systems with one, easy-to-use and efficient solution.  Sales CRM, a deal pricing calculator, document generation, an E-sign utility, a commissions module, and extensive business intelligence tools are all integrated into our software!



Ready to Streamline Your Business?

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