Today’s digital world demands a multi-pronged approach to handle all your business needs.  Many single-function software products exist on the market that will do an adequate job, but they address only one area of concern.  The most economical and efficient solution is to combine applications to cover all areas of business.  “Our sales automation solution is a comprehensive suite of tools to automate your business and synchronize your entire workforce.”

If you are an office technology dealer looking to partner with a software provider for business automation, SalesChain represents your number one choice for proposal and order pricing solutions.  No matter the size of your company, SalesChain can provide a full-service platform that is cloud-based, with an automated workflow that integrates all the features you need and is inherently scalable, to grow with your company. Here are just some of the things we do best!

Catalogs Made Easy

Sales proposals begin with detailed product information.  Your customers want to know specifications on both mainframes as well as machine accessories and consumables, in order to make an informed purchasing choice.  Sifting through catalog databases is time-consuming and tedious for the sales staff.  SalesChain software offers access to a master catalog tailored to the manufacturers that your company represents.  This database is continuously updated and maintained and includes the latest models, as well as machines that are still available for sale as refurbished units or off-lease options.  SalesChain’s catalog marketing and maintenance team can enter complete and accurate data into your company catalog any time your sales team adds new business machines to their sales portfolio.  This precludes the need for your sales team to waste time on manual data entry, giving them more time to focus on closing deals!

The Industry’s Best Customizable Proposal Wizard

Your customers are busy!  They will respond best when presented with a well-organized, concise, and yet detailed analysis of their needs and your company’s proposed sales solution.  SalesChain software incorporates a completely customizable proposal wizard.  This portion of the tool suite allows sales reps to quickly document and price multiple combinations of products and services.  Mathematical algorithms calculate pricing options for these combinations at the click of a button, no matter where the rep is working from.  Proposals can be printed immediately, showing pricing options for the customer to choose from.

Instead of overwhelming your client with multiple estimates, IT Reps can import partial or even whole proposals from Quoteworks to offer a single, bundled solution.

Integrated E-Signature Functionality To Close Deals Faster

SalesChain is the only vendor in the business technology field that incorporates secure, approved, E-sign capability right into the software suite.  E-signatures can expedite closing deals, because customers don’t have to wait to arrange face-to-face meetings, and documents can be processed electronically much more quickly.  Many of your customers will finance their purchases through leasing companies.  E-signatures are legally accepted by all the major leasing companies in the business.  SalesChain’s Lease Portfolio Management utility is integrated into the deal pricing process, and we have direct integrations with many major leasing companies, like Great America and DLL.

Integrated Service Pricing

Your sales team is keen to promote more than just machine sales.  Digital transformation has made it vital that the office machine industry provide not only hardware, but contract services as well.  Customers are looking for CPC and volume pricing over the life of their equipment, whether it is leased or purchased outright. The SalesChain deal pricing suite generates multiple contract options integrating service pricing, so that sales reps may cross-sell with ease using a single proposal.

IT Services pricing

Your commitment to your customers doesn’t end when the sale is complete.  Ongoing IT service agreements exist for the life of the machine lease or purchase.  With the SalesChain system, it is easy to create comprehensive documents that incorporate IT service pricing into the same proposal with the machine hardware.  The proposal wizard has the capability of producing multiple scenarios to present to customers, with different combinations of leasing terms, buy-outs, accessories, and IT service packages all included.  Add I.T. services from your catalog and add user count to price accordingly. Present all the products and services required by your customer as one customized bill, within the context of an attractive and easy-to-read proposal document.

Document Management and Scanning Utility

SalesChain software produces multi-page, customized sales proposal packets in just a few minutes.  These include a cover sheet, an “about us” page to educate your client regarding additional product offerings, data sheets comparing marketing data for multiple machine options, and finally, solutions sheets, detailing different pricing and financing options for different product combinations, leasing options, cash buyout values, and service costs. Once a sale is secured, sales representatives can also easily generate lease documents, which pass proper serial and model numbers on to the finance companies, fulfillment documents that reflect accurate product configurations, and delivery (pick-up and move) documents.  The entire sales process is done quickly with automated, electronic documentation that circumvents the errors inherent in manual data entry.


“SalesChain is dedicated to creating an integrated, automated workflow solution for the digital workforce which helps teams across different departments work together seamlessly.”

Our mission statement reflects our full-service commitment to your business and its clients.  The features we have highlighted here represent detailed areas where you could be making more money by implementing our fully automated and customizable workflow system.  These features represent time saved that you would otherwise be wasting looking up information that we collate for you.  Take advantage of our easy, comprehensive proposal and order pricing tools, as well as all our other software features!

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