3 Ways SalesChain Does Data Better:

1) Business Intelligence is built right into SalesChain

Why does that matter? Synchronized data means a streamlined workflow between departments – the handoff of information becomes an automated process rather than a confusing string of emails and data entries.

Stop tracking down information – let us put it in one place and increase your productivity.

2) Quality of data is significant – and SalesChain collects superior data.

Accurate data is actionable data: You can’t make good business decisions unless you have accurate and complete information. Trying to make decisions for your business without knowing the data behind them is like skiing backwards while blindfolded.

You have to know what’s making money, so you know what to spend time on.

3) Manual entry means a potential point of error.

SalesChain collects data at every step of the order fulfillment process. Because we automate the day-to-day activities of your business, the data is already in our system and accurate. When all your data is in one place, no one has to waste time transferring it to another software, potentially making errors in the process.

SalesChain acts as a hub for your data, keeping all your employees on the same page.


Lets Put it in Other Terms:

Say I wanted a car…

I could build one by buying all the right parts on JC Witney. Top gear proved that. But why would I do that when I could just buy one?

I expect, if I buy a car, that:

  • All the components will fit together properly. No patch work or modification required.
  • Everything would be installed in the right place and working properly.
  • With proper maintenance, I can rely on that car to run properly.
  • If something were to go wrong, the dealer’s support staff could fix it in a heartbeat.

Just like a car works as a cohesive system comprised of many small components, so too does your business. Your staff across all departments, from sales to maintenance, have to be kept on the same page in order to function properly. If one department misses an email, and has no better way of referencing information, your business is prone to error. Just as if your car would be if you built it out of miscellaneous components.


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