Are you making the most of your SalesChain Platinum Subscription?

Salespeople and business owners are always looking for ways to save time and money. Today, many of the tools we employ to make our lives easier are software-based. Technology can be great… if you use the right tools and maximize their benefits.

You have chosen the right technology to allow you to implement efficient workflows and automate redundant tasks, thereby saving you time and money – We’re here to help you use them to their full potential.

Here are 6 ways you can make the most of your SalesChain Platinum subscription:

1) Create Attractive Proposals With The Proposal Wizard

From intricate, intelligent legal paperwork accepted by all of the major leasing vendors, to auto-populating manifests, to customized, beautiful proposals, SalesChain’s document generation capabilities are truly best-in-class. You may already be using the system to generate order manifests, pick up/move forms, and lease order fulfillment paperwork, but are you generating proposals from the system?

If you are, you may be able to improve your experience by using the proposal wizard. This utility, developed and implemented in late 2019, allows salespeople and managers further customization of the documents being sent to prospective clients. With the ability to generate multiple proposals on the same order, choose which pages are included, and determine inclusion or redaction of certain financial figures, such as buyout value, this utility allows more control than ever.

Click here to view a video about the proposal wizard.

Have you imported a custom-designed document into the system to make the best impression on your customer? Whether you’re using the proposal wizard or not, SalesChain allows you the ability to import your company’s own proposal document to the system so you can stay on brand, maintain the best-looking design, and impress your customers with beautiful documents that send a powerful, organized message.

If you do not have a custom proposal document for your business, we have recently partnered with MJS Live, a video marketing and graphic design firm, who would be happy to work with you to design a new document. You can find them here.

2) Automate your CPC Service Pricing

The Service Pricing Module allows dealers to publish CPC rates and provide sales reps intelligent and flexible tools for pricing blended service pricing in minutes.
Integrated bid desk pricing workflows simplify and track secure pricing. Service pricing achievement is clearly measured within our dashboarding tools.
The Service Pricing Module allows reps to easily tailor service rates on a deal-to-deal basis. It can be configured by our system administrators to lock reps into a series of specified “Tiers” of pricing, and can even allow reps to “Buy Down” service rates, donating a portion of their commission to lower the price of the deal in tight pricing situations, or when you’re pricing against a competitor. This easy to use module is a staple of our pricing too.

3) Configure Automatic Order fulfillment Workflow Automation

Define customized workflows that best represent the needs of your fulfillment process. Fulfilling an order for 2 copiers involves different steps than say providing IT services for a law firm. Each step of the process may be defined with characteristics.

By default, the SalesChain Platinum system is configured with a standard set of notifications and generated tasks to keep your office flowing quickly and efficiently. If you do things differently than the “standard” dealer, you may mistakenly ignore these automatic notifications, or dismiss them altogether as spam. To take full advantage of the system, you are encouraged to set up a configuration of notifications and tasks generated based upon the unique workflow of your organization.

Call our office today to ask about setting up  a custom workflow, or click here to view a sample workflow model.

4) Integrate Your Commissions

“Commissions are the glue.” Tim talks about what this means to us in a video here. One of the best ways to motivate everyone to use the software, keep up to date with their actions, and build a complete data set is to process sales commissions WITHIN SalesChain.

The reality is, salespeople are in this industry to make money. What sometimes gets lost is the fact that salespeople can make more money when they understand how the business makes money. The integrated accounting approach allows for greater understanding through transparency. When someone clicks a button in SalesChain (to process an order for example) and the commissions system is calculated within the same suite, that information is the most up to date and remains untainted by human or machine error. Because of the wealth of information which automatically syncs to update within the system, users of the software can immediately know who is selling what, when and where with the greatest success.

Try integrating commissions with the SalesChain system and we guarantee that more of your staff will use the system more consistently.

5) Bi-Directional Integration to e-Automate

Bi-directional data injection into e-Automate avoids redundant data entry and synchronizes data across disparate systems. This level of integration ensures consistency through your sales orders with active synchronization. Whenever a sales order is created in e-Automate, a deal is automatically priced in SalesChain with all the appropriate figures populated for you. When a deal is priced in SalesChain there is no more need to type the order into e-Automate once a salesman has made the order in SalesChain.
Seamlessly create sales orders and work harmoniously to achieve superior productivity.

6) Schedule a User Training Session

Ease of use and employee training also play a huge role in the successful implementation of technology. Even if your people have used the system daily for years, it never hurts to freshen up on the fundamentals or to learn about properly using some of our newest features!

Contact our office to schedule virtual training, or a demo of our newest features! Or visit our YouTube Channel to brush up on some of the basics! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any feature showcases or update videos!

When you use the system to it’s fullest potential, you not only increase your company’s efficiency, but also generate more data. With this abundance of data you can generate and understand more complete and accurate reports. When data is complete and accurate, it becomes actionable. It allows you to make Data Driven Decisions and take your company forward confidently in a direction supported by fact.

Learn more about how our Business Intelligence Dashboards are helping our customers make Data Driven Decisions –> Here

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

Use the link below to schedule a discovery call for a demonstration of the SalesChain system. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and see if SalesChain is the right partner to help you grow your business.

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