I admit the Big Box CRM solutions have some pretty slick features. But the question is, will they help you to sell more equipment and services?

SalesChain has some pretty slick features too, and all of them are focused on helping your business sell more Office Technology, particularly in the area of helping your business collaborate and cooperate more efficiently.

6 Key Features that are used everyday include:

1) Catalogs Made Easy

Our Catalogs Made Easy service provides a comprehensive product catalog that will include your pricing (one or many levels), promotions, lease rates, and service rates. Since reps will not be manually entering pricing, other departments such as operations, contracts, and services will trust the data that’s in the system. They will use the data within their processes, making the entire company more efficient.

2) Document Generation

Our Document Generation system creates is capable of generating every document your business needs. Because we provide cleaner data, our documents do not require your sales reps to manually enter information, saving time and potential errors.

3) Service Pricing Module

Our Service Pricing Module gives you flexibility and control in pricing and documenting service. This ensures that your recurring revenue is sustained and the equipment and service side of sales is more balanced.

“Details matter. It’s worth waiting to get it right.”

– Steve Jobs

4) Bi-Directional Integration with E-Automate

Our Bi-Directional Integration with E-Automate is unmatched, period. Our automatic creation of sales orders, service tickets, and more eliminates the need for your operations department to manually enter data.

5) Integrated Commissions

Integrated Commissions acts as the glue which keeps sales reps using the system completely and accurately. If reps are getting paid out of the same system they’re pricing deals in, the deals will become more and more accurate. What’s more, you don’t need another system or spreadsheets to price commissions, our system does it automatically.

6) Electronic Signatures

Having Integrated (and unlimited) Electronic Signatures means you don’t have to buy DocuSign or Adobe. Our signatures are easy to use, legally binding, and accepted by all of the major leasing companies.

Bonus: Support

On top of these features, we’re proud to offer the best support in the industry to train your team and answer any questions you have along the way. Start your journey with SalesChain today to see how our detail-oriented approach can improve the way you do business.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

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