SalesChain Partners with MJS Live Productions to Offer Custom Proposal Creation

Automatically Generate Attractive Proposals

With the recent launch of SalesChain’s new Proposal Wizard, sales people using SalesChain are able to generate proposal documents more effectively, saving them the time and minimizing human error. SalesChain recognizes, however, that not all dealers have the luxury of internal graphic design, or a relationship with a graphic designer capable of creating the documents themselves. So we partnered with MJS Live’s graphic design team, who we trust to create our own documents, with the task.

Since this project encompasses both the desire to make attractive looking documents while also having them function flawlessly in the SalesChain system – this designer must also have an understanding of the SalesChain system. That made MJS Live the obvious choice.

You may view a number of examples here on the MJS Live website.

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