Introducing the Sales Scorecard: Track and Compare Rep’s Performance with Custom, Compound Data

SalesChain has always seen data as a catalytic force, the fuel that drives innovation and keeps business running. Because of this, we aim to use data in new, creative, and actionable ways. Our next creative use of data comes in the form of the Sales Scorecard.

Configurable by the dealer and by which metrics best meet your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). KPI’s are new compound algorithm we’ve created to efficiently compute statistics

With the Scorecard, the we can create rankings based upon any number of these KPI metrics for reps and deliver them directly top the dealer’s analytics dashboard in a new, attractive format.

With full customization of which metrics are used, management users are now able to define the critical measurements for the success of their team and to provide a stack ranking dashboard and achievement index for them.

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