Collect, Extract, Organize: What is Business Intelligence?

First off: What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is useful data presented in a way that helps you make better business decisions, increase revenue generation and gain a competitive advantage.

1. How do you COLLECT relevant, timely data?

54% of enterprises agree that cloud-based BI is vital to both their current and future incentives.
Data collection is automatic and synchronous with SalesChain. Since we process orders from start to finish, we already have the information in our system.

2. How do you EXTRACT a data set to glean vital information for your company?

Ideally, every employee should have an efficient, customizable tool to focus on how data trends should drive their workflow.
SalesChain’s Sales Analytics Dashboard collects data in an intuitive and organized way. Analytics is based on both ease­ of availability and ease of use for targeted information.

3. How do you ORGANIZE company strategies based on business intelligence?

Data analytics makes decision making 5x faster.
A single system that centralizes data sets can help managers improve employee ability to focus and target specific sales objectives.

What data is important and how should it be organized?

Business innovation is ultimately derived from innovation. Drilling down into the significance of patterns in the data is vital for optimal growth.