What exactly is document generation?

The sales cycle in the office technology industry is inherently document rich. In other words, from the moment a sales representative turns a lead into a sales opportunity, there is data that needs to be recorded, collated, stored, shared, and even signed electronically. Deal generation, pricing, processing, delivery and follow up all require documents containing customer and deal-specific information.

Although parts of this process are common to any type of sale, many documents contain customer-specific information, that requires the customization of standard industry sales templates. Populating these templates with information that is stored in a database rather than manually filling out paperwork for each deal is known as document generation, or docgen.

It is important to note that any tool which can help to automate the process of generating sales documents is both efficient and economically important for your business. The automatic creation of nearly identical, but ultimately customer-specific documents are the goal of docgen tools, which can be programmed within a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) system or generated via an independent software application.

In the most efficient processes, document generation is often a built-in and ongoing part of business workflow, allowing users to create and update document templates at any time.

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Why You Need Great Document Generation

It Saves Your Team Time

A bottleneck anywhere in the sales cycle slows down your entire team. If employees are waiting for necessary documents to be generated, a deal cannot move forward. For example, errors may occur at the stage of document design. Often, businesses employ their development team to create document templates. They must use their time to coordinate with the sales representatives using the documents to handle revisions, updates, and corrections. Automation of docgen within a software platform can help to alleviate this slowdown. A quality automated document generation system speeds up multiple processes, including designing, editing, generating, and importing documents. This frees up valuable human resources and reduces the need for co-opting the development team to generate and troubleshoot the process. – Windward Studios

It Reduces Errors and Omissions

Any opportunity to automate processes that require multiple manual data entry steps inherently reduces human error. The same is true for sales document generation. When an intuitive system is available within the sales platform to create quality documents easily, employees learn faster and can produce documents of consistently higher quality.

It Creates Consistency in Your Branding

Part of successful company branding is creating and using a consistent look and feel in all business communications. This is true not only for marketing materials but for all your company’s electronic and hard-copy documentation as well. Using a quality document generation system allows employees to create output that is highly customizable to a particular client while maintaining a consistent corporate look.

It Leads to Happier Customers

Investing in any infrastructure improvement that speeds up the sales process is well worth considering. Opportunities to streamline document generation certainly would be included in this category. “Your customers deserve documentation that is easy-to-read and well-organized.”  – Windward Studios

Generate Documents with SalesChain

SalesChain’s document generation system is built right into our system. That means no populating information across disparate systems or manual data entry. Using the information your team populates into our software, we intelligently generate precise documents for every step along the way.

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