Your organization is no doubt made up of valuable employees with many different skill sets, uniquely suited to performing in their niche of the company. How do you sync the many moving parts that make up your production: from sales to marketing to back-office functions to fulfillment?

It is no secret that to increase efficiency between departments, managers must seek to optimize the speed and accuracy of business workflow systems. The cumulative effects of minor changes can be synergistic and thus highly valuable to both company morale and the bottom line!

The SalesChain platform offers one system to streamline the workflow between teams, both reducing errors inherent in manual data entry and increasing revenue. Here are five ways that SalesChain connects your sales and back-office teams.

1) Implement an e-Sign Workflow

Upgrading to the electronic signature technology is one way for your business to expedite closing deals. Customers do not have to wait to arrange face-to-face meetings, and documents can be processed electronically much more quickly.

Many of your customers will finance their purchases through leasing companies, and e-signatures are legally accepted by all the major leasing companies.  SalesChain is the only vendor in the business technology field that incorporates secure, approved, e-sign capability right into the software suite.

Our Lease Portfolio Management utility is integrated into the deal pricing module, and we have direct integrations with many major leasing companies, like Great America and DLL.

2) Automate Your Delivery Workflow

The more automated your business delivery workflow is between departments, the more efficient your process can be. However, each of your business offerings is unique, and this is reflected in the customized workflows that best serve the needs of your fulfillment process. For example, fulfilling a small order for two individual copiers would involve different steps than providing IT services for a large law firm. Different strategies must be optimized and employed for different clients.

By default, the SalesChain Platinum system is configured with a standard set of notifications and generated tasks to keep your office running smoothly and efficiently. To take full advantage of the system, SalesChain allows you to set up a configuration of notifications and tasks generated based upon the unique workflow of your organization.

Case Study: Delivery Workflow Automation

In this video testimonial, Crystal Manning talks about how SalesChain’s delivery workflow management tools cut KDI’s DSO in half.

3) Adopt a Cloud-Based Business Management System

Cumbersome and expensive data management systems based on hard copy files and company file servers are quickly being replaced by cloud-based management systems. The SalesChain software platform can empower your digital and remote workforce with a single, cloud-based data repository that is also available on any mobile device.

Since all employees contribute to the same data repository, your business maintains an accurate and collaborative database.  Duplicate information is detected and eliminated, and information populated at various stages in the order process can be referenced all in one place. More accurate data is generated, leading to higher quality reporting.

Timely and accurate reporting is a valuable way to link sales, back-office, and management teams. Sales representatives can reference their activity reports in the field. Your entire team can reference the Machines in Field desk and the e-Automate book of business to glean insight into customer use cases through meter read information.  Management can reference user action counts and lead information to get a sense of how the sales department is doing in comparison to quotas. All this information can be used to tailor employee reviews, set realistic and functional goals, and provide employee incentives, all of which will promote team cohesiveness.

4) Automate your CPC Service Pricing

Optimizing deals can involve time-consuming negotiations between sales representatives, managers, and clients. SalesChain’s Service Pricing Module allows dealers to publish CPC rates and provides sales reps with intelligent and flexible tools for pricing blended service in minutes. They may easily tailor service rates on a deal-to-deal basis. The system configuration parameters allow administrators to lock reps into a series of specified “tiers” of pricing and can even allow reps to “buy down” service rates, donating a portion of their commission to lower the price of the deal in tight pricing situations, such as when they are pricing against a competitor. Integrated bid desk pricing workflows simplify and track secure pricing. Service pricing achievement is clearly measured within the dashboarding tools. This encourages ongoing evaluation of successful pricing strategies by the whole team.

5) Bi-Directional Integration to e-Automate

A significant amount of time and energy, for both the sales and back-office teams, is taken up by keeping track of client data.  The SalesChain platform streamlines this portion of company workflow with a bi-directional integration to e-Automate. This ensures consistency through your sales orders with active synchronization between e-Automate orders and SalesChain in real-time. All changes are tracked live to the other system nightly.

SalesChain Can Help

When you implement the SalesChain platform, you not only increase your company’s efficiency but also generate more data, leading to more complete and accurate reports. When data is complete and accurate, it becomes actionable. It allows your teams to work together to make data-driven decisions and take your company forward confidently in a direction supported by fact.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

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