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SalesChain President Tim Szczygiel Featured on “Building To Scale” With Jeff Chastain

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It gives us great pleasure to announce that our own president Tim Szczygiel is this week’s guest on the “Building to Scale” podcast with Jeff Chastain. We invite you to give it a listen on your travels or at home over the Fourth of July holiday weekend! We’ve linked a number of previews to the show below!
Tim and Jeff talk about what it is that makes the business tick, how you can find it and how you can make your business better by measuring these processes.

About Building To Scale:  

Building to Scale, a podcast by Jeff Chastain of Admentus, inc., Is described as “real people, talking about the systems and lessons learned necessary to building and scaling an entrepreneurial business.” Jeff Says “Some of the best resources when it comes to business growth, scaling and the inherent challenges associated are our peers. We couldn’t agree more!

Key Takeaway:

While remote work is here to stay, there is no substitute for the spontaneous creativity and culture that comes from working with others in person. Working in person also allows leaders to keep a pulse on the business and for employees to grow and evolve by learning from their coworkers.

Lessons Learned:

Managing data is absolutely critical to business in 2021. Every business in every industry is going virtual to some degree, and virtual-only works when information is complete, accurate, and correct.

Going 10 times bigger with an idea may take 10 times the effort, but going 100 times bigger rarely takes 100 times the effort.

Your customers are your greatest advocates. As a software provider, you might think our largest department, in terms of the sheer number of staff, would be in marketing or development, but it is actually our help desk. That front-line interface to our users determines how well our product is used and how well it is perceived. That impression sets us apart from big-box software and has helped us succeed.

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