Saved Queries

We have added the ability for users to save named views for various desks throughout the system including in the Accounts desk, the Forecast, the contact view, and the order desk.

  • This new feature allows users to save their searches and return to their favorite reporting views, saving time and effort, and simply making the data work more efficiently.
  • While saving groups in the system gives users the ability to create static lists, saved queries can be dynamic, changing with the information contained in the search.

NASPO Pricing Logic

We have added logic to our order breakdown CPQ system specific to NASPO credit levels.

  • When NASPO credits are applied to a deal, or to a specific machine, the system will reference the established maximum price and will not allow the sales rep to price above that designated level.
  • When NASPO credits are applied, the NASPO price level is shown in the equipment pricing table for easy reference.

Added Ability to Import Quotes to Our IT Pricing Tool

When users are in the IT Products tab of SalesChain’s order breakdown CPQ tool, they can enter a quote number from Ingram Micro, to pull that quote directly into their Saleschain deal via API integrations.

  • This includes products, pricing (normal or special) and quantities. We create a bundle for this information within the Order Breakdown, and the Ingram Quote Number is reflected in the name of that bundle.
  • SalesChain will be adding compatibility for Dell, Synnex, and other distributors and IT vendors in upcoming releases.

Automated Delivery Paperwork & Customer Notifications

We created an automated Delivery Truck notification with automated delivery paperwork packages that are fully electronic signature enabled.

  • Users can configure the system to:
    • Lock the delivery truck schedule prior to delivery.
    • Send a summary of a day’s scheduled delivery instructions to the truck driver prior to delivery.
    • Send an email with a completed set of delivery documentation for each delivery job prior to delivery.
    • Send an email with delivery details to the customer prior to delivery.
  • Timing of all the above functions can be configured to allow the dealer to adjust the system to their own delivery workflow automation desires.

Document Generation

We’ve added a feature to allow users to mark and highlight documents generated through the document generation tab of our Order Breakdown CPQ tool.

  • To distinguish documents of different types, this enhancement has added color coding and tagging functionality to the documents tab.

ConnectWise Manage Integration

  • We enhanced the “Sales Order Push” to include additional properties related to the shipping address and contact.
  • We added additional information to the “Ticket”, including sales rep details.
  • We added a SalesChain to CW Order Status cross-reference to the SalesChain Order Status record so that as the order progresses through the fulfillment process within SalesChain and e-Automate, the order status can be updated in ConnectWise Manage.

IT Distributor Integrations

  • We added an “Exclude Categories” feature that allows dealers to exclude products from the sorting and searching of the IT products tab so that sales reps only see those products they want to sell.
  • We are continuing to expand our integration portfolio to other IT Distributors. This release includes a catalog integration with Clover Imaging Group.

TCO and MPS Pricing

  • Our TCO and MPS pricing tool is officially in beta, and a group of dealers is using and testing these tools.

Manager Approval Process for Orders

We added a manager pricing approval workflow to the Order Breakdown.

  • We added logic that allows dealers to configure orders to require manager approval based on user permissions.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue where special characters in the e-Automate manufacturer names were causing display issues with charts and certain web page controls.
  • We added a legal name property to accommodate multi-legal entity clients.
  • We added a new clear feature to the account view, forecast, and order desk which clears all search criteria.
  • All mapping functions have been switched over to Google Maps.
  • We patched an issue with e-Automate payment frequency.
  • We made a modification to the e-Automate contract code description.
  • We repaired the issue with the e-Automate inventory display with items push screen.
  • Forecast 30-60-90: We refined the date range selection to 0-120, expired, and 120+.
  • Forecast 30-60-90: We added the ability to filter by the source
  • Through the addition of new merge fields, our system is now able to generate transactional documents that combine copier, service, and IT financial values all in one.
  • Lead Disposition Report: We added the lead’s Source to the filtering criteria and added a column to display this property.
  • Order Desk: We added the lead’s Source to the filtering criteria and added a column to display this property.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

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